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Each of us goes through life in the best way we know how. We connect with people, we love, we experience failure and disappointment, and most of us go on to try again, and again. We start new jobs, new relationships, new adventures.

But why are we on the path we are on?

What sets us apart from our peers, what makes us act this way and not that?

… and how can we use the cards we were dealt by the stars at birth to get the most out of our earthly experiences? How do we steer ourselves towards the best and most satisfying human connections and away from the ones that cause us heartache and trouble?

In essence, how do we emphasize our potential, and minimize our failures and sidesteps?

This is what astrology can help with.

Where Should you Start?

Start at the very beginning: with your own natal chart.

Our recommendation for the best and most comprehensive charts is always – their website is truly the king of chart-makers.

Sign up for a free account (we’ll walk you through it), and then come back here, chart-in-hand, and we’ll help you figure out what it all means.

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  • Gemini Sun – Gemini Sun Compatibility

    Is Anyone Even Listening? When two Gemini Suns get involved in love, we can expect that it’s going to be a passionate relationship full of energy, and endless chatter. At least for the three months it lasts before one of them gets bored. It will seldom be boring while they’re

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  • Taurus Sun – Pisces Sun Compatibility

    A True and Lasting Bond Taurus and Pisces is one of the zodiac’s classic blends of compatibility. Soft, gentle creatures, one who expresses it more openly than the other, but with very similar emotional underbellies. These two can go the distance with very minor adjustments.  Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility  Intimately,

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  • Taurus Sun – Aquarius Sun Compatibility

    Two Incompatible Worlds Collide  No one could tell you that a romance between Taurus and Aquarius is an easy match. In a square aspect to each other, they are not just incompatible, but so unlike each other in character that it’s a surprise if they even get past the first

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  • Taurus Sun – Capricorn Sun Compatibility

    A Solid Rock in a Life’s Storms Love and relationships are the complicated stuff of stardust. Astrology helps to clarify why love works better with some than with others. A Taurus Sun and Capricorn Sun relationship is one of the better matches. A lot of what works well between them

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  • Taurus Sun – Sagittarius Sun Compatibility

    Not Exactly the Stuff of Dreams When Taurus meets Sagittarius, it’s a meeting between stability and spontaneity. Taurus values comfort, routine, and the finer things in life. Sagittarius lives for adventure, freedom, and truth. This pairing is between very different perspectives in life, and a particularly challenging one. Sexual &

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  • Taurus Sun – Scorpio Sun Compatibility

    When Earth Meets Water Curious what happens when an earth sign and a water sign meet? It’s a deep contrast, but one that often works – one is down-to-earth and reasonable and the other one is thick with passion and enigma. Yet go a bit further and you’ll find a

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