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Ahead of the Zodiac Pack

If Aries were a song, they would be the powerful guitar solo that electrifies the crowd with passion. If they were a meal, they’d be the extra spicy burrito – something that one would not want to try if they are not a fan of spicy foods. And if your life were a movie, Aries would be the stunt double. He would be trying to overdo everything to make it as hard as possible (and sometimes completely impossible).

Whether you are an Aries, bravely bouldering through your own life, or just an observer standing at the edge of the astrological precipice, this is a trip you don’t want to miss. The Aries trail is as rough as it is beautiful with twists, turns, lessons, and possibly even a couple of dust devils.

Key Facts about Aries

  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Element: Fire
  • Symbol: The Ram
  • Ruler: Mars
  • Stone: Diamond
  • Color: Red
  • Body Part It Rules: Head
  • Best Known For: Being energetic, courageous, and pioneering
  • Keywords: Dynamic, Independent, Assertive, Enthusiastic

Aries Personality Traits

Aries appears into the zodiac fresh, like a wild-eyed bull rider at the state fair. These people aren’t just playing at life, they are the ones calling the shots. They’re eager to set new records, and are motivated by a strong desire to succeed. Aries is the woman who sneaks past you in the line-up so she could be the first one to bungee jump down the gorge in Mexico on your vacation. She has a little crazy in her eyes, even though you saw her at the buffet with her two kids looking like a regular mom.

Arians initiate, rather than react. They have the confidence that other signs are trying to muster up their entire lives. While some may deem them arrogant, others may see them as reckless; in the forge of life, Aries burn hot.

It’s one thing to know that they’re confident, but let’s try to understand how this shows up in their daily lives. Let me tell you, a room full of Aries is a party ready to get started. They are not the shy spirits at the social gathering but the life of party. They like to lead, to set the pace of the conversation and they’re full of energy when someone encourages them to keep going.

The Competitive Edges

If you hear the sound of wind blowing and something flying past in a blur, you are seeing an Aries in full charge. Competing is not just a pastime for Aries, it’s a way of living and breathing. They set their sights on battles small and large. Whether they are debating about which brand of ketchup is better or competing in their division to be the number one sales group, it does not matter to them because second place is the first loser.

Of course, not everybody is fleeing from the rawness of Aries – some embrace it as energizing. Usually the other Air signs. On the path of being so competitive, they are also inventive, determined and tenacious. And while they are seeking victory they unwittingly get some great things done, mostly by sheer force and wild impulse.

The Arian’s temperament and attitude towards love and relationships

Aries in love is like a painting of Monet – it looks lovely from the distance, but if you look closer, there is fire. It is passionate like their love is, as strong as the waves that continuously crash into the shore looking for something solid to hold on to.

Love and War: When it comes to matters of the heart, nothing is off limits

Arians are very sensitive when it comes to relationships, as if it is a war where the heart is the main weapon. They don’t tip-top in love love; they fall hard and fast. Sometimes they fall out of love at the same lightening speed. They prefer the truth to diplomacy and are not afraid to come straight out with it, whatever it is. It can make more gentle partners who are sensitive feel uneasy.

However, to those who can take it, a relationship with an Aries is like being in a never-ending action movie, a high-stake wild goose chase. They will do a lot for people for the people on their top list because they are very loyal. Interestingly, the object of their affection is their heart, once captured, it is a priceless, protected treasure.

Romance Redefined

Love for Aries is fast and passionate. To some extent, it can be quite thrilling for those whose pulse doesn’t race through their veins the the same speed; and eventually also quite scary and off-putting. They’re not ones to sit on the fence and wait for the story to unfold slowly. Aries prefer hard and obvious love. They don’t have the time or patience to wait for a slow burn love to set in. While to some this may be excessive, to others, it is right on the dot.

But, be careful with your heart. Aries passion can burn in quick and intense fires. To keep the flame burning, they have to know that love is not a race, it is a marathon where a steady pace and a steady beat in your chest is a far greater advantage than a swift arrow.

Career and Work for the Aries

Aries in the workplace is the quintessential go-getter. There is no force that can push the plow more than a determined Ram, steam coming out of its nostrils, soil turning in the field. They’re innovating and they’re not afraid to take risks, so they push ahead with ideas that others would be afraid to back. Of course, they’re not always right, but with their strong impulse, you can’t say they sit on the sidelines waiting for other people to get the job done.

In the case of their careers, Aries enjoy the level of disorder that they can manage. They are the ones who set their own rules and are sometimes seen as the protagonist of the workday drama, rushing into battle where others dare not go. They love challenges and are not easily discouraged by pressure. In fact, they do better under deadlines. They like to be challenged because overcoming something gives them a stronger sense of purpose.

This fearlessness is contagious. They fuel passion on others, and encourage them to join in. Sometimes, Aries run the risk of driving the people around them too hard. Their determination, if left unchecked, can turn into tyranny turned on the people working under or with them.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is clear that if the Aries were a company, it would be a start-up. They love brand new projects, especially if no one has thought of the idea before. They get satisfaction through being on the cutting edge, and being the first to get there. They’re very good at looking ahead at trends and telling what will be useful or needed.

They’re not only efficient but very effective when they handle business. They are the heart of the sale, the power in the meeting, the spark under the boiling pot of change. In any kind of business, an Aries will always make sure that they have something to put in the game so they can benefit when the proceeds come in.

Aries Challenges and Growth

But the path of the pioneer is not always smooth. Aries has some special issues that arise when one is at the front of the field. They are impulsive. This does not turn out so well when they make decisions and do not adequately think through the implications. It can go horribly wrong, as the bull that rampages through the shop of life would tell you.

The Impulsive Predicament

Aries wants to leap forward and grab life by the throat and pull it toward them. However, one of Aries’ biggest challenges is to learn to control their impulses and use them in a directed, methodical way. Easier said than done. Aries has a tendency to be daring, but also reckless, and that’s the thin line that Aries often walks.

The lesson for Aries is to tame their passion with reason. When Aries can figure this out, they become the true leaders they are meant to be. Instead of letting their impulses set them on random paths, they become in control of their own destiny. That’s the most powerful type of Aries.

The Patience Question

Aries has never been particularly patient and that’s definitely one of their weaknesses. They desire to have everything and they want it as soon as possible. But growth takes patience. Just like a season chess player, Aries has to lean to consider not just the next move, but the one after that, and the one after that. That’s where control comes from and that’s when Aries’ success will start to manifest.

Aries doesn’t relax very often. Sometimes, they give themselves a moment to take a deep breath in those brief periods of calm. Those are exactly the moments they need to learn to lengthen and use to think ahead at their next moves.

Celebrities with Aries as their Sun Sign

The artistic world is full of Aries. Frenzied brush strokes of Vincent Van Gogh, electrifying performances of Marlon Brando, the soul stirring music of Lady Gaga; Arians have lit up the stage, the canvas and the microphone.

They are the risk takers, the idea gurus and the speakers whose words continue to be heard even today. In their art, they have gone to hell and back and brought with them the beauty that only the brave find.

The Ram: Mythology and History

The history of Aries dates back to the beginning of time. In ancient Babylon, Aries’ sign was linked to the agricultural word of the plow, signifying that it was time to cultivate the soil. This is how Aries came to be associated with fertility and rebirth or, in other words, the beginning of life.

The God of War

It is worth mentioning that in Greek mythology Aries was linked with the god of war. A non-conformist, Aries was a lone wolf who sought battle not to amass riches and power but for the pure adrenaline rush. It is quite symbolic to the Aires spirit — they do not seize the throne; they rule as it is their instinct. In the heavens, Aries was placed as the protector of the audacious, an eternal fire which blazes in the sky.

Aries in Depth: Taking A Closer Look

If you look deeper into an Aries’ eyes, you will find a paradox of sorts. They are happy with their uniqueness but still seek the approval of the people. They rebel against having to conform to society’s rules, but secretly yearn for stability and structure. They are, in every respect, human — and humans are interesting and fun.

Ram’s horns in the contemporary world

Nevertheless, the warrior and the lover stereotypically associated with Aries does not make their experience in the contemporary world a fun one. This sign needs patience in a world that asks for it, and a system that does not reward risk. Aries questions this natural desire to be free and impulsive but tries to live within the boundaries of society while satisfying his own path.

Aries are always in a state of balancing between too much and not enough, and going through a never-ending cycle of figuring out how much force to use. Should they run fast and exhaust themselves or should they force themselves into a paced jaunt?

Aries is all or nothing – love/hate, fight/flight, now or never kind of a person. This dynamism defines them but at the same time can lead to a clash with a world that is not as fast-moving and decisive. Aries is the trigger, the initiator. The task for them is to use their traits to further their own goals at a pace that is sustainable, that won’t burn them out before the accomplish what they’ve set out in their hearts.

Metaphysical Muscles

Aries also has a spiritual side. They are the seers, the prophets, the visionaries whose vision is not just on the existing world but the world that can be. They are eager to have a hand in creating it.

The Aries soul burns bright and hot. They are the excitement that runs in the veins of every enterprise, the spearhead of the business world, and the proof of endurance.

Perhaps Aries is just fine with their image of the volatile ember that brings warmth and passion to the world. Surely, someone has to be in charge of leading the troops, and Aries is happy to take on that job.

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