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Is Anyone Even Listening?

When two Gemini Suns get involved in love, we can expect that it’s going to be a passionate relationship full of energy, and endless chatter. At least for the three months it lasts before one of them gets bored. It will seldom be boring while they’re together, but it’s difficult to say how long they can take each other in close spaces. That all depends on the maturity and previous experience of each of these lively chatterboxes. 

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility 

Two Gemini Suns are going to be a hit-or-miss team between the sheets. They are always ready to try something new, because they’re eager to learn everything they can about sex. At least while they’re falling in love. They’ll be vibrant and playful, and they’ll both look forward to discovering new forms of pleasure and connection, which will be fun and entertaining for both. 

Quick Facts:

  • Aspect Between Them: Same sign. It could be terrible of phenomenal.
  • Elemental Compatibility: Both Air.
  • Modal Compatibility: Both Mutable.

But a big part of sex plays out in the minds of a Gemini. If they can connect over teaching each other new techniques, exploring new places to make love, or finding new thrills together, everything will go well for a while. Once the infatuation phase starts to wear off, it will become clear that actual sex is far less exciting to the Gemini than talking about said sex or preparing for it in their minds. This can be a problem long-term, since the nature of Gemini is easily bored and changeable. 

If they take the time to connect emotionally before they run out of new sexual positions to try, they might be able to build a meaningful connection. They are capable, and they are not necessarily promiscuous people. They just prefer an ever-changing buffet of experiences to keep their rich imagination engaged. Since they are full of creative ideas, they might as well use their minds to keep their sex life interesting. If they use all that boundless energy coursing through their minds to keep each other interested, this relationship can work. The trouble is that a lot of the time, they get easily distracted by the next shiny object, or person.

If they don’t find a way to use their mutable energy to keep the relationship fresh, they will find themselves disconnected after the height of the excitement wears off. These two need to focus on building a strong emotional connection. This is what will keep them engaged with their hearts, not just their heads, and it’s what they both really desire under the layers of ceaseless blather. Otherwise, one or both will start to look for greener pastures, and the end will quickly follow.

The Gemini Sun Personality 

Gemini Suns are one of the most adaptable signs of the zodiac. They have two faces, or two sides, as the symbol of the twins that represents them. They are therefore one of the most flexible and adaptable zodiac signs and able to move seamlessly from one social event to another with an ease not many other signs possess. The Gemini is an intellectual and curious person. Their brains are always active and eager to gain more knowledge and ideas. This is more so because they possess the intellectual agility to play with ideas and communicate them to others with ease. They are entertaining and lively conversationalists. 

Gemini Suns need variety and something to stimulate their minds at all times. They want to learn new things all the time, and are busy doing a million things at once trying to keep their minds occupied. This is also their weakness, as many Geminis are quickly distracted. They often lose interest in a project too quickly to complete it. They are inconsistent in their personal and work commitments for the same reason. 

Their quick wit and ability to see all the sides of an issue means that the Gemini attracts all kinds of people and social contacts. Friends consider them good mediators and come to them for advice and recommendations because they know they are well-informed. 

The important thing to know is that Gemini’s fickleness is not simply because they are superficial. They need to learn, need to know new things, talk about new things. Their minds need to be connected and engaged in what they are doing, or they lose interest. This is why there are best in a match with other Air signs that can keep them on their toes mentally.

Love Language for Each 

A Gemini-Gemini relationship is full of words of affirmation and quality time. Both partners are very keen on open and broad communication and both like to share their ideas and views. They keep the romance alive through compliments, words of love and affection, and intellectual discussions. 

Quality time for Geminis could be going to see a live show or comedy routine, discovering new hobbies or even going on a holiday. They’re willing to do just about anything together as long as they’re on the move. They get a lot of pleasure out of discussing what they learn through their experiences, as though they can live the experience again by discussing and assimilating it afterwards. 

Companionship & Friendship 

Gemini Sun friends have a playful and energetic nature, so if you and your friend both have Gemini Suns, your friendship is going to be quite energetic and amusing. Whether it’s driving across the country with no destination or having a philosophical discussion about life at two in the morning, there will be a lot of activity. Geminis are always fun to have around, and having two Geminis in the same space is even better. At least for them. Everyone else might be suffering from a migraine, but at least the two of them are happy. 

However, as their desire for change and endless fun can lead to instability, their friendship can be unstable. If these two want to have a solid friendship, they have to balance novelty with commitment and responsibility. If they’re both ditching movie dates or showing up late because of other commitments, this kind of friendship won’t last very long. 

Trust and Values 

There are going to be issues of trust in a Gemini-Gemini relationship. Why? Well, because they know themselves, and they know how fickle and changeable they can be. Since both partners are playful and flirtatious, they will both easily feel uncertainty about their fidelity and readiness to settle down. It will make them both insecure, and this can lead to a quick exit for one or both. 

At least they’ll be able to let loose and act like themselves, knowing that they don’t have to hide their changing moods, which they often feel they have to do with other signs. 

Two Geminis will also be able to give each other the freedom they need in a relationship. No one knows who will handle the boring details of life, or who will put their ever-changing ideas into practical steps, but a Gemini wouldn’t really be concerned with these kinds of details in the first place. 

The good news is that at least they share the same fascination with learning, amassing knowledge and collecting information in their mental vault. They are intelligent and need to be challenged and stimulated. They will certainly be able to do this for each other. But will they stay together long enough to really share in each other’s values and learn to trust each other? It’s unlikely. 

Communication & Intellect 

These two can sit and chat for hours, discussing everything from history and politics to movies and music. For them, it’s not just about exchanging information. It’s also about challenging each other and themselves. They need the intellectual sparring to feel alive, and this is rather exhausting for other signs of the zodiac. Though for each other, it’s perfect. They never get bored of exploring each other’s minds because they are both always willing to learn new things they can talk about. 

However, all of this talking will end in arguments at times. Each of the partners should listen patiently and be understanding so that the conversations between them don’t degenerate into bickering, interrupting each other and annoying each other by always trying to be right. They have to realize that compromise is important and that it is possible to see the issue from the other side. In this way, they can turn potential conflicts into good conversations that don’t eat at their relationship regardless of who is right or wrong. When they get this right, then this union makes sense not only on the rational level but on the emotional level as well. 

Emotional Compatibility 

Gemini has its sentimental side, but you wouldn’t exactly call it emotional. They process their emotions intellectually. It’s hard for them to understand this, but this is not the same as feeling emotions. . This can make it extremely difficult for them to connect with people on a level beyond the rational because they always look for a reason why something feels the way it feels instead of feeling it. Being made of the same emotional cloth, two Geminis could easily mistake intellectual rapport for emotional connection. They would be mistaken. It would keep their interest for a while, but eventually, the lack of depth would loosen the bond between them. 

They have to learn to communicate and share their feelings and thoughts without being afraid of judgement or ridicule. Being together has to be a safe space in which they can both be free to open up to each other. Because underneath their apparent detachment, both are in need of emotional connection. Even so, this pair is much more likely to remain at a superficial level. 

Shared Interests 

Geminis are one of the most social people, who love to be around others people and are revitalized by variety of connections and experiences. There are so many hobbies and activities these two could explore together, such as geography, culture, art or technology. Since they are already interested in what the other has to say, it will be easy to share the pleasure of new activities together. 

Ther Verdict

Gemini Sun to Gemini Sun love is quite passionate and energetic, as they’ll be able to do a lot together before either one of them even thinks of getting bored. This could be attributed to the fact that both partners are so interested in communication and mental activities that they can overcome many barriers. 

However, being so similar can be a drawback because instead of anchoring to a solid base in their relationship, they can spread themselves thin and not really accomplish anything of value together. Since their instinct is to take a superficial approach to everything, their relationship can lack the depth needed to solidify it. 

If they consider being truly honest with each other, being trustworthy and expressing feelings for one another, then they might have a chance to build a lasting love.

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