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Unearthing Pluto’s Depths (Part 2 of 2)

This is part 2 of a 2-part article on Pluto’s journey through the astrological houses. You can read about the impact of Pluto in houses 1 through 6 here.

Pluto in the Seventh House

The Intensifier of Relationships and Partnerships

If Pluto ascending is the force of nature, Pluto in the seventh is its dance partner – relationships, partnerships, and collaborations take on a profound intensity when this powerful planet resides in the house of ‘we.’ It’s like every association turns into a turbocharged alliance setting out to conquer relational peaks.

Manifestations in Daily Life

  • You may attract partners who embody Plutonian characteristics – intensity, power, and transformation – or you convey these traits in your shared affairs.
  • Whether it’s the whisper of wedding vows or the signing of a business contract, joint endeavors take on an almost sacred meaning.
  • You seem to go through relationship ‘deaths’ in the sense of continual renewals, purging outdated dynamics for something deeper, rather than clinging to an outgrown past.
  • Pluto’s influence can foster encounters with people who challenge and empower you to confront your fears, leading to personal metamorphosis.
  • You have a talent for experts in negotiations on behalf of others, similar to a celestial lawyer in the courtroom of life.
  • There might be a proclivity towards attracting partners with a strong Plutonian presence, which can sometimes lead to complex and cathartic experiences.

Challenges you face

  • The quest for beneficial partnerships can sometimes lead you to engage with individuals who carry power dynamics that are too intense or potentially abusive, and you must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • A fear of losing others can lead to controlling behaviors that stir up the very cyclones of personal drama you wish to avoid.
  • Relationships may become too entrenched or co-dependent, requiring a steady push to maintain personal freedom and space.
  • There may be a struggle to keep a balance of power in relationships or difficulty in expressing the full spectrum of your desires, out of fear of the consequences.
  • Legal disputes can be a frequent visitor to your life, acting as the battleground for transformation and rebirth or serving as a conduit for significant cataclysms.
  • The challenge of overshadowing others or being in the shadow can prompt deep questions about autonomy and the right to stand in one’s own light.

Pluto in the Eighth House

The Master of Deep Transformation and Shared Resources

Sitting at the cusp of the deepest parts of our psyche and the shared resources that underpin society is Pluto in the profoundly private eighth house. Here, the lord of the underworld urges a transmutation of not only self but that which we share with the collective, be it intimacy or capital.

Manifestations in Daily Life

  • Financial matters are often faced head-on and with all the gravitas they deserve, leading to a potential for wealth as well as the wisdom to utilize it for deep transformation.
  • The sacred and intimate sides of life will feel Plutonian in nature, with an essence of profound change and a willingness to search beneath the veneers of everyday existence.
  • You may be the friend everyone calls when they need to handle a crisis, your capacity for handling the deepest, darkest issues of life being one of your most potent skills.
  • Dualities like sex and death may fascinate you or be recurring themes in your thoughts and experiences, drawing you into these realms deeply – sometimes to the point of obsession.
  • Trust and fear are central themes, with a shadow work that’s bound not only to confront personal phobias but cultural ones, leading to an alchemical transformation of these otherwise debilitating emotions.
  • Life insurance, taxes, and inheritances often play a significant role in your life, symbolizing the Pluto-tint of life’s inevitable and profound transitions.

Challenges you face

  • The powerful taboo of the unspoken can lead to a repression of emotional expression and a fear of trust and intimacy, cutting one off from the enriching depths of the heart.
  • A struggle with compulsive behaviors, rooted in a need to control and seek certainty in a world that seems so uncertain, may undermine your ability to allow life’s natural cycles to unfold.
  • Obsessive material desires or insecurities can ignite conflicts over shared resources, transforming even the most stable financial footing into a minefield of psychological threats.
  • The struggle with social taboos around death, sex, and transformation can either consume you with anxiety or, upon facing them, provide the very key to liberate a deep wellspring of personal power.
  • A history of trauma may calcify into a source of power or perpetually undermine your sense of security, requiring a choosing and transformation that is often akin to intellectual and emotional death and thus rebirth.
  • The desire to control others through emotional manipulation can turn against you, stifling your personal growth and bringing about upheaval as others confront your attempts to wield psychic dominance.

Pluto in the Ninth House

The Seeker of Profound Truth and Higher Wisdom

If the eighth house is the ancient tomb, the ninth house is the deep alpine track leading to the philosopher’s peak. Pluto here is the seeker of wisdom in its most profound forms, infusing one’s quest for truth with all the depth and dynamism they’ve come to expect from this planetary powerhouse.

Manifestations in Daily Life

  • With Pluto in the ninth, your spiritual guide may be the burrowing ferret, uncovering truths through life’s challenges and consistently searching for the deeper meaning behind the world’s facade.
  • You will likely be drawn to the profound philosophies and belief systems, perhaps even becoming a catalyst for change and transformation within those systems.
  • Cross-cultural experience and travel will be particularly profound, as you seek to integrate the truth and wisdom that lies not just in the stars, but among them.
  • Higher education may be more Plutonian in your experience, demanding a deeper level of transformation and personal growth than your peers, as you struggle to maintain and expand your personal sense of power and identity.
  • Legal affairs may consume a Plutonian role, as you are driven to seek justice or transformation more fervently than others, sometimes to the detriment of your well-being.
  • You possess an innate understanding of the cyclical nature of life and can impart the wisdom of Pluto’s realm to others, guiding them through the death and rebirth cycles of existence with the light of higher understanding.

Challenges you face

  • The dualities present in various belief systems can become constricting and oppressive, leading to a desire to break free from these structures, often with a violent emotional reaction.
  • A quest for knowledge that is driven by a fear of the unknown can lead to an overwhelming accumulation of beliefs and experiences, creating a Tower of Babel where language – the tools for connection – fray and distort.
  • The allure of the unknown can lead to a desire to stir up conflict and confusion in the pursuit of enlightenment, a challenge in discerning the fine line between personal truth and the truths projected by the fears of others.
  • Long-distance relationships can be both a source of personal transformation and a shadow that follows you, reminding you of the power and profundity of love and partnership; yet, also of its ability to be a source of isolation and decay.
  • Overextending yourself, trying to be the beacon of hope for all of humankind, can lead to a personal burnout, requiring a conscious wielding of your power to balance your higher calling.
  • A challenging relationship with authority can lead to a powerful desire to shake the pillars of influence, turning you into a force of revolution capable of catalyzing immense change.

Pluto in the Tenth House

The Power Broker of Career and Public Life

Here, mighty Pluto strides into the domain of public persona, signaling a narrative of career and societal seeks imbued with potent upheaval and transformation. As the surveyor of the enduring, this placement can sculpt and dictate the ebb and flow of societal growth in profound and sometimes unsettling ways.

Manifestations in Daily Life

  • Your career may be marked by intense power struggles, a desire to work with taboo subjects, and a continuous need for personal rebirth within the professional sphere.
  • Recognition or notoriety might come hand in hand with a Plutonian struggle – you wield great influence and yet are subject to the fickle winds of public opinion and the covert machinations of those around you.
  • The legacy you leave in your work will carry the fingerprints of Pluto, marked by its signature sense of profound change and the transfiguration of both self and societal structures.
  • Your public persona might be that of the interstitial figure, hovering between the great and the dispossessed, iconoclast and traditionalist, sometimes revered and sometimes misunderstood.
  • You may feel compelled to explore the darker aspects of your work, often engaging with the more secretive and powerful undercurrents of your industry, bringing these dynamics to light through your own hand.
  • A continuous cycle of reinvention and recalibration mark your professional odyssey, as the external structures and demands of power inform a perpetual need to confront and transform your internal landscape.

Challenges you face

  • The pressure to achieve recognition can sometimes lead to compromising your personal values, sacrificing happiness on the altar of success as you chase the unyielding eye of public appraisal.
  • A struggle to maintain your standing in society can see you engage in a perpetual balancing act of power, influence, and the mockery of colleagues who seek to undermine your ascent.
  • The line between your personal life and your public persona can blur, leading to a devaluation of the quiet, personal victories that illuminate the shadows of personal transformation, overshadowed by the relentless glare of professional ambition.
  • The fear of failure can sometimes lead you to wield power not with transparency and integrity, but through stealth and secrecy, fabricating a façade of accomplishment that masks your deeper insecurities.
  • The trenches of tradition and the tides of authority may call you to commandeer a vessel that was not built by your own hands, leading to a storm of struggle as you attempt to steer this ship according to your Plutonian creed.
  • A continuous quest for external validation can cloud your Plutonian sense of power, leaving you vulnerable to the machinations of others as you look outside yourself for the proof of your internal mastery.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

The Transformer of Friendships and Collective Goals

This is where Pluto dons the cloak of the community, determining the depth and fluidity of one’s friendships and the pursuit of group aspirations. Here, the intensity of change is not just personal – it is social, political, humanitarian.

Manifestations in Daily Life

  • In your friendships and group associations, you may be the catalyst for profound transformation, instigating and orchestrating change with a fierce and driving purpose.
  • The collective goals you set will often be marked by their grandiosity, and your disdain for the status quo can be a clarion call that resonates with the changed heartbeats of those in your sphere.
  • There is a Plutonian pull towards participation in movements that seek to upend societal norms, rebirthing the common narrative into something more resonant with your authenticity and the truth you seek.
  • Personal boundaries in friendships and group associations can become muddled as the nebulous concept of shared power and transformation takes center stage, leading to conflicts and communal crises that demand the zeal of Plutonian wisdom to resolve.
  • Your need to instigate collective transformation can sometimes lead to a rejection of personal power and an over-association with the Plutonian archetype, as you distance yourself from the fray of individual growth in favor of the heavy lifting of societal rebirth.
  • Group dynamics and friendships can sometimes be marked by the skin-shedding of old relationships and the fascination with death and rebirth cycles within the microcosm of your social network, lending depth but also a certain magmatic volatility to your interactions.

Challenges you face

  • The desire for collective transformation can sometimes lead to a complete disregard for personal privacy and autonomy, as the needs of the group overshadow your own in an attempt to stoke the fires of communal change.
  • A struggle to maintain a sense of individual identity in the face of positions of leadership within a group can see your Plutonian hand wielded with all the subtlety of a hammer, alienating rather than allying those under your charge.
  • The constant turnover and evolution of your social circles can lead to a lack of profound connections and the instigation of a cycle of upheaval that distances those in your orbit from the gravitational pull of your friendship.
  • A profound fear of societal stagnation can lead to a Plutonian obsession with change for change’s sake, a cycle of rebirth that masks an intrinsic aversion to the steady accumulation of wisdom that a more stable, albeit slower, growth affords.
  • The perpetual quest for the cycle of death and rebirth in your relationships can see the Plutonian hand overplayed, leading to the destruction of connections that might, with the careful application of wisdom, have otherwise woven the tapestry of a rich, fulsome life.
  • The struggle to wield collective power with integrity, transparency, and a balanced sense of both change and conservation can sometimes see you fall prey to the very dynamics you seek to dismantle, applying the force of Plutonian ideals without their inherent capacity for unifying and stabilizing.

Pluto in the Twelfth House

The Deep Diver of the Subconscious and Spiritual Realms

In the final house, the Azure Blue tapestries of the zodiac fade into cosmic black and here, Pluto waits in the shadows of the Twelfth. This is the deep sleep, the universal mind, the forgotten recesses – Pluto surrenders his cloak of personal power for the robe of the collective unconscious.

Manifestations in Daily Life

  • Your encounter with the spiritual and unseen world is nothing short of cataclysmic, undergoing daily deaths and resurrections as you unravel the mysteries of the cosmos within your own being.
  • You are marked by a profound sense of compassion, oftentimes as an Achilles heel, feeling the pain and suffering of the world to such an extent that it becomes a crucible in which your personal transformation is wrought with the hardness of starlight and tempest.
  • There is a powerful magnetism towards the arts and poetry, your soul’s longing for expression a wailing siren song that seeks to wrestle meaning from the void and render the inexpressible in form most divine.
  • The pull to solitude is relentless, a necessary aloneness that anchors the metamorphosis of your collective self, the freedom found in a deep cave away from the sound and fury of collective human struggle.
  • Addiction and escapism may be perennial struggles in your life, the attempt to soothe the wounds and carry the torch of universal suffering through the dimly lit and often silent passages through the shadows of our collective mind.
  • The struggle to balance the affairs of this world with the yearnings of the next can often see you regarded as the misunderstood seer, the living paradox that walks the tightrope between sacred madness and the mundane effort of daily life.

Challenges you face

  • The overwhelming depth of your emotional and spiritual encounter can sometimes lead to a complete dissociation from the exigencies of daily life, a flight of fancy from the plane of this reality that leaves the shells of your worldly obligations unattended.
  • The struggle to witness the pain and suffering of the world without succumbing to the collective despair can sometimes rupture your frail human heart, spilling the crimson tides of universal angst that threaten to drown the light of your individual spirit.
  • The pull of addiction can sometimes lead you into the labyrinthine grip of cyclic decay, the attempt to repair the collective Dragon’s tail that leads not to transformation but to the endless, unsavory chew of an eternal entropic feast.
  • Reconciling the demands of your social responsibilities with the call to collective transformation can sometimes see you dwarfed by the shadows of your own Plutonian quest, the fracturing of your personal power a consequence of the demands placed upon your collective self.
  • The desperate longing for solitude, while salving the egoic ills of the individual spirit, can lead to a dangerous fracture in the delicate heart strings of human connection, a web of silence that wraps the world in its cocoon of seething potential for a break not towards collective rebirth but collective rupture.
  • The pursuit of spiritual wisdom can sometimes turn you into the very stalker of the unknown you fear, a shadowy presence that haunts the edges of spiritual truth without the courage to leap into the abyss that leads both inward and outward – towards the center of the earth and the naked eye of the storm.

Conclusion: Pluto’s Transformative Journey Through the Houses

The placement of Pluto through the astrological houses is a map of transformation that guides the soul through the many corridors of human experience. From the complexities of partnership and shared resources to the quest for higher wisdom and our role in the social fabric, Pluto’s influence is a steady undercurrent, a primal force, urging us to change by digging deep.

Astrology, like all lenses through which we view the human condition, is an art as much as it is a science. These passages through Pluto’s realm are not predetermined pathways, but cautions and affirmations. They are mirrors to our own mythic journeys of power, release, and rebirth.

With Pluto as our guide, we cannot avoid the dark, but we can travel through it with open hearts and the hope of finding our own personal light. May these words serve as lanterns to those who dare to explore the depths of their own cosmos, to seek and to find the Plutonian truths that echo in the chambers of their being.

Read about the impact of Pluto in houses 1 through 6 here.

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