Exploring the Astrological Modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable

Zodiac Modalities: Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable

Welcome wanderers of the zodiac, to a celestial soiree where we shall decode the quirky intricacies of astrological modalities. This isn’t your grandma’s horoscope — we’re taking a jaunty walk through the stars, where we’ll learn how to guard our chakras from Mercury’s retrograde chaos. If the word “modalities” has

The Mutable Signs: Navigating Life’s Rhythms in Astrology

The Mutable Zodiac Signs

Picture a river, meandering and flowing effortlessly, adapting to the contours of the land. This natural, graceful adaptability is the essence of the Mutable signs in astrology. They are the fluid forces of change, the masters of transition, embodying the art of transformation with every twist and turn of their