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Two Incompatible Worlds Collide 

No one could tell you that a romance between Taurus and Aquarius is an easy match. In a square aspect to each other, they are not just incompatible, but so unlike each other in character that it’s a surprise if they even get past the first date. But let’s say they do, by chance. What happens next? 

Quick Facts:

  • Aspect Between Them: Square – difficulty and discord.
  • Elemental Compatibility: Earth meets Air.
  • Modal Compatibility: Fixed mixing with Fixed – no one wants to budge.

Taurus and Aquarius make an odd couple, no doubt: Taurus is an earth sign and is stable, practical, and materialistic. Aquarius is an air sign, and the most quirky of the air bunch. Aquarius is innovative, free-spirited, and loves using his brain to ponder odd things. I mean, these two could theoretically make a relationship work. But there would be a lot of things they’d have to work out along the way. Chances are good that one or both would get tired of misunderstanding each other and give up before they ever got anywhere good together. 

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility 

In the bedroom, Taurus and Aquarius are as different from each other as can be. Taurus, being an Earth sign, is sensitive to touch and can get lost creating desire and intimacy. Taurus has patience and stamina and is perfectly fine with sexual encounters of the traditional kind. A Taurus will enjoy touch, scents, smells, and anything that makes the intimate experience more luxurious and rich. He is not in a hurry, but rather gentle and takes their time to set the atmosphere of love. They enjoy intimacy with good music, nice lighting, and lush fabrics. Aquarius does not care about any of this. 

Aquarius cares about sex in the mind, before anything else. This is an air sign that intellectualizes sex and likes novelty. Many of them are motivated by the desire to stand on the fringes of society, and this includes their sexual behavior. The Aquarius uses physical touch for the sake of exercising the mind. She is excited to discover new ways of making love. She wants to improve on the last performance, make it more daring, more interesting, more stimulating. 

This will cause constant friction between the two because Taurus doesn’t see anything wrong with the ‘regular’ way of making love. In fact, the regular way is the easiest way, and Taurus prefers that to the effort required to think up new and novel techniques. 

However, if Aquarius can take a few minutes to look at the depth of sensuality in their Taurus partner, the possibilities for this couple could be very interesting. They could have a powerful sexual relationship that is both down-to-earth and passionate. If they accepted their differences it could serve as the foundation for an intense, romantically charged, and emotionally intimate relationship. These two could have physical intimacy and give each other space to breathe at the same time. 

Taurus Sun Personality 

Taurus is rules by Venus – the planet of love and beauty. This is why they are sensitive and responsive to all things beautiful. They have a deep need to be valued for their work ethic and reliability. Because they have a stable and solid character, others can depend on them to be what they say and say what they mean. Taurus is an Earth sign, and naturally practical, and dependable. They prefer their lives calm and secure. 

At times Taurus may be extremely rigid in their decision making process and this is because they don’t like to be pressured into anything that haven’t agreed to themselves. They are very much stuck in their decisions once they make up their minds, and it’s hard to budge them. 

Taurus is very protective and loyal to the person they love. Because they prefer to live in peace, they work hard in relationships to keep everything drama-free and stable. They are affectionate, kind and giving lovers. 

Aquarius Sun Personality 

Aquarians are ruled by the planet Uranus which symbolizes change and therefore, they are open-minded and unconventional in their ideas. They are creative thinkers, and they a lot of energy contemplating theoretical concepts and ideas about society as a whole. On a large scale, you could say they are possessed with vision. 

Aquarians need a lot of freedom and space. Because they are so often thinking about what’s in their own heads, they can seem too detached and aloof to other people. But their detachment is often the result of their thoughtful and rational approach, and the need to focus on the overall picture. 

Aquarius can be most happy in a relationship if the partner is as keen as the Aquarian about talking and debating over many ideas and issues. They appreciate communication because it’s how they connect to other people. Intellectual discussions are part of their love language and it’s how they express themselves. Sometimes they can be rebellious just to exert their independence. 

Love Language 

Taurus wants to show their love by taking care of their partner. Aquarius might not understand this at all. Aquarius might find it unusually stifling. When they’re not trying to take care of you, Taurus might randomly hug or kiss or caress you on your way to the kitchen. But these gestures can easily be lost on Aquarius. She’s looking to connect through conversation, and Taurus is giving her pretty bouquets of flowers. 

Taurus is also lonely in this combination, because to him theoretical debate doesn’t feel like love. He needs touch and tenderness to feel love. He needs day-in and-out consistency to understand that he’s wanted. In this pairing, a lot of conversations and changes will have to take place for both of them to feel satisfied and cared for. Relating in love doesn’t come naturally between the two. 

Companionship & Friendship 

It’s much more likely that these two can be friends rather than lovers. Friendship gives them more space and they won’t expect as much from each other, which will ease some of the pressure they feel when they are together. In friendship, Taurus can teach Aquarius about consistency and dependability. Aquarius can bring the pleasure of long conversations and debates to Taurus, opening their mind to new and interesting subjects. 

But even in friendship, they’ll both have to be very patient with each other. Taurus is loyal, organized and hardworking. He also likes rules and structure; Aquarius is unconventional, inventive, and sometimes rebellious. These two very different natures don’t exactly go smoothly together. They’ll have trouble finding things to do together if one wants to enjoy a quiet walk by the lake and the other wants to play glow-in-the-dark paintball. 

Some of these differences may and can be resolved through time and communication. But they’ll have to find a way to be friends that doesn’t let them get on each other’s nerves too much. Maybe they’ll be friends who see each other on monthly board game night. 

Trust and Values 

Trust is a real problem between Taurus and Aquarius, because their values are so different. Taurus may feel nervous because of how much freedom Aquarius needs. This only makes Taurus feel stressed out and insecure. He will interpret Aquarius’ distant behaviour as pulling back and feel that they are not as invested in the relationship. 

On the other hand, Aquarius will feel boxed in by Taurus’ posessiveness and jealousy. But this is only because Taurus can’t get the reassurance he needs from their Aquarian partner. They want to know that they partner is all in, and Aquarius would rather leave things more ambiguous. 

If these two signs really want to be together, they’ll have to take the time to talk about their needs in this relationship. They can’t just gloss over the details, because their differences are so grating and obvious, it would only drive them apart. 

Aquarius has to assure Taurus that their need for space is not a lack of commitment or dedication, but rather a need for intellectual space. Taurus can then see that giving their partner the space they need will only pull them closer. Aquarius also has to understand that stability has to be a part of the relationship in some way, otherwise it won’t go the distance for Taurus. 

Mutual understanding and trust are the essential components of any relationship; these two need to comprehend and make sure they can trust each other. They both need to compromise somewhere if they want to be together. The compromises will be bigger and more substantial than between other signs, but with love and patience, it can be done. 

Communication & Intellect 

Taurus doesn’t think abstractly, which means that the majority of the time their focus is on what is tangible in their own life and that of their partner. Their thoughts and speech are direct and clear – they mean what they say and they say what they mean. Because they’re an Earth sign, and also fixed, they are quite realistic and pragmatic in their dealings and may not like the use of vagueness in language or thought. 

Aquarius on the other hand, is a lover of words and ideas and will enjoy an argument that is more or less intellectual exercise. This sign is ruled by Uranus, and they are eager to learn new theories, concepts, and ideas . Aquarians enjoy discussions, and coming up with new possibilities and ideas for the future. This is an air sign, and as such loves communication and conversation. Their thinking is progressive and once they find a strange and unusual topic they’re interested in, they’re ready to dive in and learn more. They like conversation solely to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. 

These two signs have very different styles of communication. Taurus might deem the ideas of Aquarius unrealistic, or too idealistic, while Aquarius may find Taurus’s pragmatism unexciting or too restrictive. These different approaches will run into conflict if they don’t navigate them with care and tenderness for each other. 

If Taurus takes the time to listen and understand what Aquarius is saying, he could help materialize some of these thoughts and ideas. Taurus can ground Aquarius’ dreams and even help her turn them into reality. But this doesn’t happen very often. Most of the time, Taurus’ boring ideas don’t interest Aquarius enough to hold a conversation, and Taurus finds Aquarius too unpredictable and lacking in realism. 

Communication is not one of the strong parts of this pairing and a lot of work would be needed to come to a place where they see each other’s point of view. 

Emotional Compatibility 

On the emotional level, Taurus and Aquarius are not on the same page and will have many misunderstandings due to their differences in terms of feelings and social interaction. Taurus is not a particularly romantic sign, but in comparison to Aquarius, they might as well be a poet at the side of a rock. Taurus at least needs sensation in their life, because they are sensual people. It could be passion, it could be touch, they need something soft and tender to connect them to their partner. They also need structure, security and routines in a relationship. This gives them the safety they need to express their feelings instead of holding them in and feeling frustrated. Taurus, being an earth sign, wants to have harmony and structure, and their want their bonds to be constant and predictable. 

Aquarius are much more distant physically, and don’t need to show or receive as much affection. They prefer to have intellectually based relationships instead of affectionate ones and do not have the same attitude towards relationships as Taureans. Aquarius is highly independent and very liberal and is much more likely to have unconventional relationships. They are often far more preoccupied with ideas, plans, inventions and the welfare of society than with their emotions and feelings. It’s not that they don’t have feelings. They just express them in a different way. 

In a close relationship, this will prove very frustrating to a typical Taurus. He may think that Aquarius is not serious or not caring enough about his feelings while on the other side, Aquarius may think that Taurus is too serious or too sentimental. To make this pairing work, they both have to put a lot of effort into meeting each other’s emotional needs. It will be an uphill battle, emotionally.

Shared Interests 

These two could definitely find some fun things to do together. But probably only temporarily. A few dates worth. After they get to know each other, Taurus will default back to wanting to spend their time having leisurely and slow dinners, and retiring into their warm bed by 9 o’clock. Aquarius will want to keep going, keep exploring new hobbies and exciting discoveries. 

Who will take care of the household while Aquarius is pontificating the secrets of the universe? Taurus, if they have the patience and willingness. But eventually, Taurus will grow cold and tired of being left alone while Aquarius goes on another discovery and leaves Taurus to spend time alone and care for their own emotional needs. 

In Summary 

Although these two partners may be as different as the two sides of a coin, it could become a potential for the two people’s further evolution. If they are conscious of the idiosyncrasies of the other, they will never be bored together. The could have an exciting love wrapped in a comforting blanket to security. 

But it’s hard for them to get to the point where there really understand each other. This is one of the more difficult pairings in the zodiac. At the same time, this difficulty in relating could urge both of these signs to stretch themselves into a new place of tolerance and understanding. Because in difficulty there is tremendous growth. This love match can only be fruitful if both Taurus and Aquarius understand and respect each other’s time and space. 

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