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A Solid Rock in a Life’s Storms

Love and relationships are the complicated stuff of stardust. Astrology helps to clarify why love works better with some than with others. A Taurus Sun and Capricorn Sun relationship is one of the better matches. A lot of what works well between them is based on loyalty, dedication, and deep feelings of affection that only deepen with time. It’s one of the most grounded and practical unions in the zodiac.

Quick Facts:

  • Aspect Between Them: Trine – the best of the best, in harmony to each other.
  • Elemental Compatibility: Earth meets Earth.
  • Modal Compatibility: Fixed mixing with Cardina – at least someone is putting on the water to boil.

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

Both these signs are quite compatible in the bedroom, as they are both Earth signs and share many of the same sensibilities. Taurus and Capricorn both appreciate physical affection. Since they are both giving, they are also willing to spend the time needed to ensure their relationship includes sexual satisfaction for both. What makes this couple’s sex life work is their life outside of the bedroom. Because they give each other the loyalty and stability they need to feel safe emotionally, their intimate life can unfold much easier than it would in combination with other signs.

Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, will not be shy in the bedroom and might consider sex as a form of art and sensual appreciation of life. They need physical touch, heat, and a passion that builds and can help form a protective shell for the relationship. They are very much inclined towards sensual experiences and this is clearly understood from their desire to have good food, quality dress, or to simply touch and be touched.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. True to Saturn’s sedate and serious energy, their passion is more controlled and reserved than a Taurus. But don’t confuse this for a lack of sexual drive. Capricorn sexuality shows itself over time. A Capricorn needs to feel safe and secure first, before they can share this part with someone. Their sexuality is less emotional but more intentional than that of a Taurus. When these two signs meet in the bedroom, they don’t often fail to make each other happy. There are promises of a long and happy sexual relationship in this match, which is part of the foundation for a happy marriage.

Taurus Sun Personality

The Taurus personality is very grounded and they are quite pragmatic, as they have a healthy respect for the tangible world. Taurus is loyal even when they should be. They prefer living a stable life without much change, and are happy enjoying the small comforts of everyday life. The level of stability that people see in them is the manifestation of their desire to be known as reliable and stable. Taurus Suns are one of the best partners for another Earth or Water sign. They are overall very faithful and responsible with the people they feel affection for.

The manner in which they dress, the way they use ornaments and the way they embrace aesthetics is not because of pride, as in a Leo, but because they prefer to enjoy life in the best way possible. Food, gardening, and home: these are things that give Taurus pleasure. They like to have a comfortable home where they can enjoy their possessions, and feel comfortable.

Capricorn Sun Personality

Capricorn Suns are focused on success and achievement. Sometimes this means big gains, sometimes it only means being successful in their family life or in a hobby. They are not looking for handouts though, since they are willing to put in the hard work to get it. They are determined and hard-working people. They will work doggedly and single-mindedly towards their goals. It’s one of the things that makes them feel satisfied and whole. Their realistic and hardworking disposition makes them able to get to their goals. This makes them sometimes appear to be indifferent or detached from other people, but they are just focused. Underneath their cooler exterior, they are looking for a stable partner. Though it’s important to note that they always lean towards partnerships in which they have clear goals with the other person, something to work towards together.

Many Capricorns like traditionalism and have a clear path laid out for their life. Mature and even young Capricorns look for like-minded partners who match their commitment level and efforts. They don’t like wasting their time in situationships or relationships that don’t have a future. Their relationships and friendships sometimes take time to get off the ground, and this may be due to the fact that they may take long before they decide to spend quality time with their partners. For them, close relationships have to be based on trust and intimacy but can be even better if they can work together.

Love Language

Even though both Taurus Sun and Capricorn Sun have a similar work ethic, the way they show love has some differences; so they need to hear each other and understand each other’s love language. For example, Taurus will show love by taking care of their partner. They’ll make them a cup of tea, cook them a lavish meal, and tuck them under a soft blanket at the end of the day. They also share kisses, touch, and other little demonstrations of affection. Capricorn doesn’t put physical love or small kisses at the top of their list when they think of showing love. They feel most comfortable demonstrating it by bring devoted, and by being a provider in the relationship. They show love through loyalty, reliability and eagerness to assume responsibilities. They want to organize and structure the relationship because this shows how committed to it they are. Sometimes this more detached and formal way of loving can go unappreciated. If anyone can look past the top layers though, it’s a patient Taurus.

Taurus is aware that Capricorn will always be there to lend him or her a hand; thus, Taurus can count on Capricorn’s support. In turn, Capricorn appreciates Taurus’ warmth, affection and care. In this way, everyone in winning in this relationship.

Companionship & Friendship

Taurus and Capricorn can easily be best friends, like two halves of a whole. Both value honestly and reliability, and this goes a long way in their friendship. Because it’s especially in times of hardship that they can depend on each other. Their needs for order and schedules create many similarities in their life choices, be it for a movie night at home or a walk through town, or a leisure activity that both of them like, like gardening, cooking or crafting.

Considering the mutual admiration between these two, it’s easy to see how friendship can turn into more. Taurus is slow and calm, and Capricorn is fast, but very determined. It makes the pair balanced with each of them being able to bring something to the other. These two are very likely to start as friends. Their fondness for each other could lead to them both wanting to build a real relationship. Like a project of love they can both get on board with.

Trust and Values

Trust has a very important role in the overall connection between the two. Both signs are quite devoted once they choose a partner and for them, reliability is the determining factor in whether a relationship gets off the ground. Taurus’ true and truthful character doesn’t leave any space for Capricorn to feel insecure. There is not reason for them to question Taurus’ intentions, since they share them willingly. This is exactly what Capricorn needs to feel safe and double down on their commitment. In return, Capricorn brings their admirable integrity so Taurus knows they can always be counted on.

Other matters that make this relationship durable are compatibility of values. And since values are the bedrock of any long-term partnership, these two have an easy time together. Both of these signs put loyalty, financial stability, and hard work at the top of their list of requirements. They could write each other’s wish list for a partner and would come up with mostly the same things. They work side by side at achieving their goals together, encourage each other and appreciate the other’s determined work approach to work. Each is disciplined, and each appreciates this in the other.

These two can grow together without much friction because their basic building blocks of character are so deeply in alignment.

Communication & Intellect

There is plenty of common ground in the communication between Taurus and Capricorn. They are both likely to avoid extensive discussions and value conciseness in the way they speak. Especially Capricorn. When Capricorn gets too serious, Taurus smooths and calms Capricorn’s sometimes somber moods. The neutral and calm character of Taurus will also have a positive effect on Capricorn’s more intense nature. If Capricorn starts to stress over the details, Taurus’ more gentle approach will destress the situation. Capricorn likes to keep conversations on topic and with purpose and will keep Taurus in line.

Intellectually, these signs are an excellent match. Even if Taurus focuses more on enjoying today’s pleasures, Capricorn will keep an eye on their bigger long-term goals together. They like to make plans together because they both enjoy the process of planning and achievement. Sure, Capricon might spend too much time focusing on work, and Taurus might frustrate Capricorn a little with his snail-like speed, but as long as they’re going to the same place, they’ll overlook these details.

Capricorn’s tendency is to ignore their own feelings, and by extension, their partner’s feelings. They’re not trying to do this on purpose to hurt Taurus. It’s just not something they feel they need to focus on every day. If Taurus reminds them that involving their heart in conversations can build tenderness and love in the way they relate to each other, they will both benefit. Capricorn can teach Taurus to focus on their goals and put emotions aside when they’re not useful or necessary.

Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, Taurus and Capricorn are a good match full of secure and stable feelings. Taurus makes Capricorn happy because he gives her what she needs – a protective shield that can make her feel safe. Capricorn doesn’t have an easy time opening up emotionally. She needs structure and time in a relationship to let herself get to deeper levels of emotional expression. And that’s okay, because Taurus is patient.

Taurus has their own problems with talking about their feelings. When upset, they tend to shut down and react with one of their bouts of stubbornness. There can be long moments of silence between the two, when no one wants to give in.

Still, the most important part between them is that they trust each other and appreciate their partner’s role in their life. Because of this, any emotional misunderstanding is resolved with time and patience. Eventually, Capricorn defrosts, and Taurus comes in for a hug or a kiss, and the two reconnect.

Because they are both so committed in relationships, they look at disagreements as things they can work through. Neither reacts impulsively, so they give each other time to mull things over and understand the other’s perspective.

Shared Interests

It’s easy for these two to share interests because they truly enjoy similar things. Because they are both traditional and Earthy, you won’t find anyone suggesting skydiving on a Friday night. Both like activities that are grounded in reality and especially activities that can produce something valuable. These could be gardening, cooking, taking a class on financial planning, or joining a course that teaches them a home improvement technique. These are practical and useful activities that will connect them and bring them together even more.

Since they both love structure and routine, they can spend time together in a peaceful and predictable environment. They can easily turn into the old couple that you see bird-watching at the local park.

In Summary

These two can unite themselves into a very powerful and lasting couple. They are committed to each other, and because they understand each other’s needs and share similar values, they have much to share together. Once they start building together and see the fruits of their shared life grow, it will be hard to tear them apart.

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