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An Aesthetically Pleasing Combo?

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility 

Taurus and Libra have a Venus sign in common when it comes to intimate matters, which implies that the sexual experience of the two could be very satisfying. Taurus, ruled by Venus, has an earthy eroticism and really enjoys the physical act of intimacy. They prefer to enjoy it slowly and to the full extent that it can be enjoyed. This sign is associated with the love of comfort and the good things that money can buy, which are usually associated with hedonistic pleasures in their broadest sense. In the bedroom, A Taurus is nothing but consistent and reliable. This is great, as long as not every intimate moment is planned out on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm. 

On the other hand, Libra is also governed by Venus, but is an air element, so they bring the aspect of romance and creativity into the equation. These people are generally described as charming, polite, and having high values of interpersonal needs for intimacy. Libra’s way of being intimate is more of a cerebral act and is more focused on making the situation beautiful. 

So between these two, intimacy is a compromise between the degree of physical touch that Taurus requires and the mental and verbal interaction that Libra requires. Taurus is solid and decisive whereas Libra is not. Libra is romantic and whimsical in a way that’s not really comfortable to a Taurus. But their romance can bring out a more passionate side of Taurus, and that’s obviously beneficial to both, especially if they stick together for any length of time. If they respect each other’s style in the bedroom, they can experience the type of love that has both passion and romance. But it probably won’t be smooth and problem-free from the beginning, as other matches can be. 

They can feel a lot of happiness being together and getting involved in each other’s worlds. Libra learns that there is more to life than abstract ideas and romance and Taurus can learn the value of losing themselves in passionate thoughts. When they respect each other and try to be playful with these differences between them, they can have a fulfilling sexual bond that is both passionate and tender. 

Quick Facts:

  • The aspect between them: Quincunx. Translation: a little more than mildly incompatible. Takes real work to ‘make it work’,
  • Elemental Compatibility: Taurus is our sturdy Earth sign, while Libra floats around as an Air sign.
  • Modal Compatibility: Taurus is Fixed, meaning steady as she goes, while Libra is Cardinal, the initiator of the zodiac.

Taurus Sun Personality 

Taurus is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus and represents stability and earthly sensualities. Taureans are hardworking and practical, and may like sticking to a routine and plan as opposed to having a flexible schedule. They value loyalty and are oriented towards the practical and tactile sphere of life, which explains their love for tasty meals, beautiful views, and touch. 

Taurus people are not very romantic and do not show highs of feeling toward their partner or the object of their affection. They have to take their time trusting and only after can they feel comfortable enough to express their true selves. They are also very reliable and dedicated and once they choose a side they stick to it till the end. 

Libra Sun Personality 

Libra, being an air sign, is governed by Venus and its main characteristics include balance, harmony as well as beauty. Librans are sociable people, they enjoy interpersonal communication and have a clear vision of justice and fair play. They are easily approachable and can easily see the other person’s point of view, thus they are perfect partners for negotiations and outings. 

Some of the celebrities that have this zodiac sign include Ellen DeGeneres, Nicole Kidman, and Harrison Ford. Librans are born under the seventh zodiac sign and are ruled by the planet Venus therefore they are always in a relationship. Relationships are part of their basic needs in life. They will search for a partner who complements them and maybe even balances them out. They need someone who accepts their obsession with fairness and their somewhat exaggerated love of aesthetics. 

Love Language for Each 

Taurus’s Love Language: Taurus shows love through the way they act. They like to be of service to their partner and also give physical touch because it’s what they want themselves as well. They show affection by taking care of their partner and meeting all the partner’s needs, even in difficult times, and without running away. 

Libra’s Love Language: Libra’s instinctual way of showing love is not physical touch. Instead, they prefer to give their time to their partner and show love through affectionate and kind words. In turn, they feel love when they hear their partner say lovely things to them and love to spend time together, sharing stories or doing activities together. 

Companionship & Friendship 

Taurus brings balance and dependability, which is desperately needed by the Libra who is always stuck in a dilemma of making a decision but is often conflicted about which way to go. Libra is more outgoing and sociable, which is why she can open Taurus’ eyes to many more opportunities and interactions, while Taurus’ perspective of the world is rather strict. 

Once the two are able to comprehend the differences that exist between them, then their relationship can go to another level. Libra can help Taurus let go of some of their rigidity. They can even soften them a bit by teaching them to be more polite and less crude.

In turn, Taurus values Libra’s fidelity and constancy as this feels very useful to the Taurus. Libra has to control their moodiness a bit more if they want to spend a lot of time with the Taurus. Being friends can help them both develop what they lack in their own personality, and it can lead to more than friendship if they both want it. 

Trust and Values 

The compatibility between Taurus and Libra is moderate. They have to learn to avoid extremes when they are together because it can polarize them too much and alienate them from each other. Taurus values honesty, steadiness, and straightforwardness, and luckily, these qualities are important to Libra as well. They are both relieved if they know that they are in a comfortable and safe position in the relationship. On the other hand, Libra wants balance and harmony in everything. This will often make them avoid confrontation and telling the truth and instead will do everything in their power to avoid conflict and tension. 

This is likely to lead to bigger arguments in the future and feelings of mutual mistrust can fester if they’re not brought to the surface. Taurus may find that Libra’s diplomatic approach as aloof or untruthful and Libra may regard Taurus as rude or crude. 

For the relationship between these two signs to be strengthened, there needs to be a clear line of communication. Taurus must embrace the Libra’s compromising nature as a plus, and not as a demeaning attempt by the Libra to alter the existing situation to suit herself. However, Libra should be more straightforward with Taurus as the latter is too blunt and expects the same from others. 

What is important to understand is that both signs are able to comprehend the needs of the other and can avoid encroaching on the other’s personal space. Their values of loyalty, love, and beauty are similar enough that they can be the base of a relationship. Whether it is art or helping each other achieve dreams or even playing cards or cooking a meal together, they can enjoy life’s experiences together and create a bond based on these experiences. 

Communication & Intellect 

Taurus and Libra communicate in very different ways. Taurus, as an earth sign, is quite realistic and prefers to get things done in a plain and practical manner; therefore his vocabulary is rather plain and direct. Libra’s tendency to over-analyze every decision and thought is annoying to a Taurus because they have such a hard time coming to any conclusion.

In communication, Libra is intellectual and likes to discuss their ideas. They really like to be listened to as well. They are always looking for compromise and do not like to argue, which looks to Taurus as plain indecisiveness. 

To overcome this shortcoming, both signs must be patient and understand each other. Libra should know that sometimes Taurus will get tired of her overthinking and Taurus needs to keep in mind that their tell-it-like-it-is style is not as cute as they imagine it to be.

Emotional Compatibility 

As far as personality type, Taurus and Libra are quite different, and this is a factor that is going to either strengthen the relationship or create problems. Taurus is not very expressive and does not easily reveal his/her emotions. The way they think can come across as rigid and unresponsive, and they will need time before they open up and share their thoughts and emotions with you.

Libra is more of the talkative type and needs some form of verbal affection or conversation in order to feel wanted. They are very communicative and can be sensitive, which means that these individuals can easily express themselves and can also easily get offended. If they let the relationship get to a point where Libra is giving much emotionally and Taurus is not reciprocating, a communication breakdown may ensue. 

To create emotional compatibility, which is the goal of these signs, both have to do their part. Taurus should understand the importance of expressing feelings more frequently and without any reservations even if it is feel inconvenient or uncomfortable to do so. It will help a lot with making Libra feel comfortable and reassured emotionally. In turn, Libra can try harder to understand that the steady and subdued way Taurus expresses their emotions is actually a sign or commitment and care. 

Shared Interests 

The key factor is that, like in any other partnership, there will always be some areas of agreement between the two. In this case, it will include aesthetics, arts and culture. These two signs are both lovers of beauty and they both feel a need to create beauty in the world. This is one of the nicest things about being ruled by the same planet. 

Whether it is visiting a museum, dining at restaurants or simply appreciating the aesthetics of life, both Taurus and Libra would be able to enjoy things that are classy and aesthetic. Taurus being an earth sign, he has a lot of regard for materialistic things and as such, will find beauty in things that he can feel such as flowers in a garden or a piece of furniture. Also, being the air sign, Libra loves spiritual and creative hobbies, for instance, watching a play or plunging into a philosophical discussion. 

They may also have similar tastes in home decor, with both loving items that are placed in the common areas of the house. 


In conclusion, the relationship between Taurus and Libra can be friendly and even loving, and can be characterized as a conversation between a practical and an articulate sign. They both understand that love and communication do not happen on their own and need to be worked on, but because they share common values and interests, they can create a good relationship. 

What works to bring them together is their shared Venus ruler. Without it, being five signs apart, they would not have as much in common. They both like quality things in life such as art and food and so they can have a good time together enjoying these things. They might have different styles of expressing and processing their emotions, but if they take the time to understand their differences, they can make it work.

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