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A True and Lasting Bond

Taurus and Pisces is one of the zodiac’s classic blends of compatibility. Soft, gentle creatures, one who expresses it more openly than the other, but with very similar emotional underbellies. These two can go the distance with very minor adjustments. 

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility 

Intimately, Taurus and Pisces are very suitable and harmonious with each other. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by the Earth element, and is realistic and down to earth. They care very much about physical touch and having a physical connection with their partner. When it comes to sex, Taurus brings their steady, dependable nature – but because they are very sensual people, they like to elevate sex to an art form. Taurus is happy to spend hours in bed on a Sunday morning, enjoying all the sensuality and tenderness sex can offer. Pisces, a gentle-hearted water sign, will bring sentimentality, inspiration and spirituality to the bedroom. They are shy, have a lively imagination and need sex to be more than just a physical act. They can easily turn into the muse Taurus needs to make lovemaking into a magical and secret life they share just between the two of them. Together, they create an ideal pair of a happy and satisfying sexual relationship that covers all the bases – physical, mental and spiritual. 

Quick Facts:

  • Aspect Between Them: Sextile – nice, easy compatibility..
  • Elemental Compatibility: Earth blends with Water.
  • Modal Compatibility: Fixed mixing with Mutable – some disagreements likely.

Taurus appreciates the depth of emotions Pisces feels. It fascinates Taurus, because they don’t have an easy time expressing their own deep emotions. This understanding and exchange of emotions between them deepens their physical bond and brings it to another level. Taurus likes the feeling of a true connection to another person, and the Piscean tenderness can make that happen. Since Pisces is very sensitive and sometimes insecure, Taurus grounds them with their stability and protection. On the other hand, Pisces leans on Taurus for support, which makes Taurus feel needed and fulfilled. In bed, the two can share their deepest secrets, desires and fantasies because they intuitively trust each other’s emotions. 

In addition, their Earth and Water elements are complementary to one another, and work to enhance their bond. Pisces’ Water enriches and nurtures Taurus’ Earth without having to try. Because one approaches intimacy from a physical angle, and the other from an emotional angle, it lets them each learn new pleasures in their intimate life together. Whether they’re lost in conversation for spending time together in silence (even more likely), the bond between them just gets stronger as time goes on. 

Taurus Sun Personality 

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is represented by the symbol of the bull. He falls under the influence of the planet Venus, which is the planet of love. Venus’ influence gives Taurus a love of comfort and luxury. The good part is that Taurus is hard working, and is more than willing to earn their comfortable lifestyle. Taurus likes it when their partner knows they are able to provide and take care of them in the future. They like to be depended on and generally make very loyal and steady partners. 

Sometimes, they really act like a bull and are completely unyielding to outside influence. They are a fixed sign, and the slowest of the Earth signs, so once they dig their heels into a decision or an idea, it’s hard to move them. This especially complicates their relationships with the more fluid signs. Taurus is conventional, appreciates tradition and is quite stubborn. They need to be financially secure to feel settled in life. As partners, they are faithful and reliable; they are very supportive of their family and friends. 

Pisces Sun Personality 

Pisces’ symbol is the fish and the planet governing the sign is Neptune,  the planet of dreams and illusions. This alone explains why Pisceans are gentle and sensitive and are often lead towards the arts in their careers. They are caring and observant of other people’s emotions, and are often drawn to being religious or spiritual in some way. This sign belongs to the water element and is a mutable sign, so they are much more flexible both in the way they act and in the way they think that a typical Taurus. 

Pisces people are dreamers and very often become artists and creatives, sometimes later in life, as many take a while to identify and really solidify themselves to their true identity. Sometimes, they appear selfless and more concerned with the wellbeing of others rather than their own. This can make them vulnerable to people with harder personalities or who would take advantage of them. Pisces always has to take good care of the people they keep around, because they absorb harmful and erratic energy from others, and it does them great harm. They make great partners in love and in friendship because they instinctively understand the emotions of others. 

Love Language 

Taurus is not necessarily romantic in an emotional way, but they do like to show affection through physical touch and by serving their loved ones. They are responsive to their lovers’ needs and are known to be very giving and caring partners. They are also protective in relationships, and they want their partner to feel safe with them. Taurus needs touch: hand-holding, hugging, and cuddling are essential to make them feel loved. 

Pisces speaks the language of love through words of affirmation and by giving their time to their partner. They are very expressive with their feelings and will show their affectionate side by speaking their feeling out loud, and even penning their feelings down in the form of poems or singing love songs. It is essential for a Piscean to feel that they are wanted and loved and a lot of that entails spending time together, doing activities together and making memories that Pisces can look back on fondly. 

These two have an easy time expressing their love to each other. Taurus’s acts of service and physical touch can provide for all the security and comfort that Pisces requires, while Pisces’ loving words and quality time can assure Taurus they are loved and valued. This easy understanding and recognition of each other’s love languages is one of the reason this union can last. 

Companionship & Friendship 

Taurus and Pisces are also great friends and companions and have an excellent mutual understanding of each other. Taurus keeps Pisces bound to reality, while Pisces can bring the emotional touch that Taurus is missing. Pisces is very perceptive and can easily get a sense of a feeling that Taurus does not even express. Because each brings a different thing to the friendship, they can really grow emotionally dependent on each other. 

When these friends don’t see eye to eye, it’s because Taurus is being stubborn and doesn’t want to change while Pisces wants to float from one place to another, one idea to another. Taurus has issues with changing his mind while Pisces loves to surrender to the moment. 

Taurus can also be too much of a homebody and Pisces will get bored and want to change scenery. Taurus doesn’t understand this constant need for change because he is a fixed sign. He would rather stay in one place he’s deemed comfortable and safe. He could stay in that place until the end of time probably. Pisces will get frustrated with this immovability. 

On the other hand, Pisces can learn a bit about organization and responsibility from their Taurus companion. Floating on fantasies in your head doesn’t get the taxes done, and Pisces does well to keep friends around who at least know when the tax deadline is coming. 

Overall, any misunderstandings don’t last long between them, because they are both so tolerant of each other. Even when they frustrate each other, the frustrations are not deep enough to ruin a good friendship. 

Trust and Values 

The typical trust issues that wreck so many relationships are not likely to be a problem between these two. Pisces comes with their typical bag of illusions and dreams about love, idealizing it almost into magic. Taurus grounds them to what is real and possible. And because the Taurus is genuine and stable, Pisces doesn’t get a facade of love. Underneath Taurus’ exterior is exactly what Taurus promises, which is refreshing to Pisces and lets them let their guard down right away. 

The reliability also characteristic of Taurus will calm Pisces down, as the latter is known to be uncertain about so many things. The security that their Taurus partner offers is what Pisces has been missing in their own lives. In turn, Pisces’ empathy and understanding of the feelings of others can make Taurus feel loved and valued, which is important for this sign that doesn’t have an easy time sharing their feelings. Pisces’ easy flow of gentle emotions can also bring a sillier and more relaxed version of Taurus out, knowing their partner will accept and love them however they are. Mutual acceptance is being able to be vulnerable together is high on the list of importance for both of these signs. 

The problem, when it comes to trust and values, is that Taurus locks in for the long haul, but can’t stop the Piscean emotions from wrecking havoc on their life. Pisces is emotionally fickle. Not because they want to. Their fickleness surprises even themselves. Their need for emotional highs means that most of the time they make their own problems. If Pisces gets bored, they can move on without a reason. That’s when Taurus has to decide if this gentle fish is worth being attached to, or whether it’s easier to release it back into the sea and move on. 

Communication & Intellect 

These two are likely to share a need to communicate on an emotional level more than intellectually. They will probably use a lot of non-verbal communication to understand each other, and that will suit both of them just fine. 

When they do speak, the practical and straightforward manner of Taurus complements the spiritual and rather emotional style of Pisces. Taurus is logical, down to earth and deals with others in an almost business-like manner, while Pisces is sensitive and spiritual and almost seems to know how others are feeling without being told. At the side of his Pisces lover, Taurus will learn to open their style of communication in ways they never considered. They will soften, become more expressive and more daring about sharing what’s in their hearts. 

Taurus will also like that Pisces is sensitive and loves to express feelings. At first, they might not be able to reciprocate this way of communication, but they will definitely appreciate it. In turn, Pisces will value Taurus’s practical and sensible nature as it will put their ideas and dreamed up scenarios into practical application. 

Sometimes, these two can get lost in impracticalities. Usually led there by Pisces. Even Taurus can get lost in a maze of dreams and unfulfilled ideas that neither one gets around to getting done. This would not be good for either of them, and Taurus needs to remember that he is the one who anchors them to the ground. As long as he keeps them on track, aware of the real world and its limitations and realities, things will go forward smoothly. 

Emotional Compatibility 

Pisces can help Taurus uncover a deeper layer of emotions in himself. Pisces’ ability to guess how Taurus is feeling is a lovely feature of this duo, and it delights Taurus, making him feel truly known. Pisces loves with illusions of love, with dreams of magic, with adoring love that she uses as a shield around her relationships. Everything inside of this love thrives and grows, as long as the feelings of Pisces hold strong. 

As a loyal and consistent partner, Pisces can encourage Taurus to freely express his emotions and participate in their love as an equal partner. He’ll feel like he is part of a magical bubble of love that can’t possibly pop. Though sometimes it does, and then leaves Taurus falling back to the ground in a heap of disappointment. For the feelings of Pisces are changeable, and do better when they live in a structure that Taurus has helped put together – a thing that is more solid than illusions. 

The job for Taurus, in this love, is to build the container in which the emotions of Pisces can unfold. This container needs to include responsibility, trust, dependability, shared activities and anything else that ties Pisces to the real world. Without being grounded, Pisces has a tendency to float off into a world of dreams or float to another relationship that appears slightly more magical from afar. 

Shared Interests 

These two will do well taking part in creative activities where they can make or take part in whimsical or beautiful things like painting, ceramics, art galleries, or dancing. These types of activities will make very nice memories Pisces can arrange in scrapbooks, and force Taurus to look through with them, many years later. They both like to go out together, but Taurus will want to return to the comfort of their home much more eagerly than Pisces. 

Disagreements may happen eventually over the types of activities they do, or whether it’s necessary to get there on time or not. Taurus will get tired of Pisces’ lackadaisical attitude and demand that they make more solid plans, schematics, and diagrams of what should take place on the weekend. But Pisces will wake up on Saturday morning and change their plans, forgetting everything the talked about in the first place. And Taurus will follow along because it’s hard not to get pulled along in the dreams of their Pisces lover. 

The Verdict

It would be rather accurate to say that the compatibility of Taurus and Pisces is rather high, as these two zodiac signs connect and find common ground with each other in many ways. They are happy because their sexual and intimacy needs are exceeded together, and their personalities and ways of expressing themselves blend so well.  

The love between them is deep and true, as long as they both keep their focus on each other and don’t get lost or distracted in Pisces’ world of illusions. Though if they do fall in love and fall into each other’s world deeply enough, it will be hard to tear them apart. This is the type of couple who will work together to right themselves even if they do take a few wrong steps along the way.

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