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Not Exactly the Stuff of Dreams

When Taurus meets Sagittarius, it’s a meeting between stability and spontaneity. Taurus values comfort, routine, and the finer things in life. Sagittarius lives for adventure, freedom, and truth. This pairing is between very different perspectives in life, and a particularly challenging one.

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility 

When considering the physical side, this couple has very different strengths and preferences. Taurus, one of the earth signs is the type who wants to have their way with you physically, but not in a casual, one night stand kind of way. They want it to be a slow, steady process. Taureans build intimacy and heat over time. They look for physical contact, but they prefer it to be enclosed in a loving and dependable union. A typical Taurus also needs to be involved emotionally to really enjoy a sexual connection fully. They appreciate romantic love, but it’s better if it comes packaged together with constancy. 

Sagittarius is much more casual about sex and intimacy. They are very adventurous. Most of the time, they are on the lookout for the next new and exciting thing that they can do with their partner. Or that they can do with a different partner. Whichever comes first. Sagittarians are quick to move forward once they get bored. They see every relationship as an experience, so for them, the lost is not as tragic as for other signs. They don’t like routine. What they like the most is variety. Their passion reflect their youthful energy in sex and every encounter is an exploration of a new land. 

Despite these different styles in intimacy, the two can get to know each other. Sagittarius can teach Taurus about living in the moment and Taurus can teach Sagittarius about the depth and beauty of the slow and steady. This can also assist Sagittarius to understand that intimacy does not have to be a negative thing and will only be beneficial to the both of you as a couple. On the other hand, Sagittarius can introduce into the relationship their joy of life, which makes the relationship vibrant and young. They make Taurus more adventurous, which, every now and then, is liberating and inspiring the the dependable Taurus. 

They can have a nice blend of experiences together in the bedroom. Both being ruled by beneficent planets Venus and Jupiter goes a long way. At least this makes them both willing to appreciate their struggles and maybe learn how to love in ways that don’t come naturally to them. 

Quick Facts:

  • Aspect Between Them: Quincunx – mostly a matter of discord.
  • Elemental Compatibility: Earth meets Fire – where Taurus is all about that grounded lifestyle, Sagittarius is here for a good time.
  • Modal Compatibility: Fixed meets Mutable – Translation? One’s stubborn, and the other’s… well, not.

Taurus Sun Personality 

People born under the Taurus Sun are said to be solid, reliable and down to earth most of the time. Taureans look for security and are willing to stick with traditions and follow tried-and-true methods. They fall under Venus rulership, the planet of affection and aesthetics. Naturally, this makes them appreciate luxury and the comforts of life. They like to splurge on themselves: gourmet meals, soft music, comfortable furniture, and anything else decadent. 

As for the primary trait of Taurus, it is determination, and this fact does not come as a surprise. It becomes extremely hard to reason with them the moment they set their mind on a particular choice. This obstinacy, although is rather grating at times, also makes them rather loyal in a friendship or in a relationship. They are very calm and polite people and do not get angry often, but when they get angry, they are forceful. 

Sagittarius Sun Personality 

Sun in Sagittarius people are on the move, they are the travellers of the zodiac. Since Sagittarians’ ruling planet is Jupiter and this is the planet of expansion and wisdom, people with a Sagittarius zodiac sign are forever inquisitive and never cease to explore. They like to do things in the moment, without much planning. Their disposition is cheerful and one might say they have an existentialist outlook to life. They are also mentally curious, sometimes interested in metaphysical studies. 

Sagittarians are generally frank and truthful. They say what they mean and they don’t mince their words. Often, this makes them comes across as rude or uncaring to softer signs. But more often than not, their aim is not to insult; they are only looking to communicate, to share information and nothing more. They enjoy change and become restless easily. Too easily. They don’t like to feel boxed in, either physically or spiritually. 

Love Language

Taurus is a very down-to-earth zodiac sign as far as love is concerned; they express love through actions and physical touch. They show affection by taking are of their partner. They want them to feel comfortable and content. It’s how they would want to be treated themselves. In turn, the Taurus appreciates if their partner make small gestures of care to show them that they are loved. 

Sagittarius like spending time together with their partner or telling them that they love them in plain words. Remember, they are direct in expressing love. They like to do things together because going on adventures or doing new things together makes them feel like they’re on the same page. They love learning and traveling and it would be best if they can share these things with the person they love. 

Companionship & Friendship 

A friendship between these two can probably be even better than a relationship, since it lets them have more distance. Taurus gives Sagittarius stability and realism; this is a sign that the latter can always depend on when they heed to. The Sagittarius passion and creativity will help Taurus get involved in new adventures. 

But this friendship is not perfect. Taurus may feel that change and variation, which is very important to Sagittarius, are unnecessary. Sagittarius may get irritated with the routine that Taurus loves. They can learn from each other if they spend enough time together, but they have to be quite tolerant of each other’s very different personalities. 

Trust and Values 

Where any interaction is concerned, trust is one of the most important aspects, and this partnership between Taurus and Sagittarius can be no different. Taurus is loyal and responsible, but requires concrete proofs of their partner’s love and dedication. They like their love to be predictable and reliable. Anything that turns that idea upside down is not welcome. That’s exactly what Sagittarius likes to do. He’s more of an adventurous soul with a desire to be independent; thus, he may struggle to commit. This makes Taurus question their union, and Taurus doesn’t like anything be feel ambiguous. Either it’s solid or it’s not. 

For anything real to work between these two, they each have to air their intentions and their needs in simple, clear terms. Otherwise, Taurus will lose interest in being misled and walk away. If the Sagittarius is mature and committed to being together, they can show Taurus that you can be as independent as you want without being afraid that it means something dark and ominous for the relationship. 

Taurus and Sagittarius may not necessarily have the same core values or at least not have them placed in the same order. The Taurus, as a zodiac sign, is very concerned with stability – both in the romantic sphere and in terms of the things that surround them. They look for a stable home, financial stability and a routine as rigid as possible. This while Sagittarius appreciates freedom, wandering aimlessly, and pursuing vague things like your destiny. Clearly these differences can create conflict if they’re not dealt with in a healthy way. 

However, if the two are willing to seek common ground and accept the differences of the other, then they can be in a position to have a healthy and a good relationship. In the long run it may turn into a very friendly and trusting relationship that is good for them  both. 

Communication & Intellect 

The communication here can be a mixed bag. Taurus is blunt and straightforward in how they handle everything, including discussions. They value realism and are driven by specific reasons and aims. Meaning, they have a point to which they want to get in a conversation. Do they get there quickly? Absolutely not. They meander, they speak slowly which frustrates the Sagittarius to no end, but they get there eventually. 

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is turned on by ideas and concepts and likes to spend time philosophizing. They are by nature curious and enjoy learning and the ability to use their head thinking and reasoning. 

This is where we get to the clashes. Taurus can easily end up thinking that Sagittarius is up in the clouds, spinning their mental wheels in place. They can assume that Sagittarius is out there chasing concepts without worrying about how they can be put into practice. And they would mostly be true. On the other hand, Sagittarius will think Taurus too slow, too wary, or too bureaucratic. 

To understand each other, both signs have to be attentive and receptive to the other’s perspective. Taurus can change his mind easier so he can be more receptive to new ideas because they can realize that not everything is as clear cut as they would prefer. Taurus can appreciate the global view that Sagittarius has while realizing that the world cannot just be a dream without proper organization. In terms of problem-solving, Taurus can be very practical, while Sagittarius can be artistic; therefore, they can work together to create things that neither can make alone. 

Emotional Compatibility 

Emotionally, Taurus and Sagittarius don’t connect easily. Even though the Moon is exalted in Taurus and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer (which is ruled by the moon), it doesn’t give them enough emotional affinity to have an easy time understanding each other intuitively. Taurus is often very devoted in relationships, but to get the best of their devotion, they expect the same from their partner, and this is where Sagittarius falters. Taureans are very reliable emotionally. There is a good chance they will find Sagittarius’ shifting feelings very destabilizing. 

But this doesn’t mean that any emotional compatibility can’t be had between the two. Sagittarius can show Taurus that it can feel good to let your emotions flow more freely and spontaneously sometimes. But coming to a place where they really connect emotionally is difficult. 

If they can stay together long enough to learn how to read each other’s emotional language, they might develop genuine feelings for each other that last. In this way Taurus can give security and love, and Sagittarius does not have to be alone with no one to accompany them on adventures. But it’s a long road to get to the good stuff with this pairing. 

Shared Interests 

These two don’t have much to share together. Maybe the joy of food. Or perhaps even better, food adventures overseas. That could please them both. The problem is that Taurus, even on vacation, will want to go back to their hotel room at 7:30 sharp, take a long bath and then relax in bed for the rest of the evening. While the Sagittarian is just getting started for the night. It would make for very frustrating travels together. 

They really just don’t share the same interests. Taurus’ earth flavoured version of fun is much too subdued and slow for a typical Sagittarius. They would have to find different things to do, and then the Sagittarius would be left without a side-kick and get confused about their feelings very quickly. This is one of the more difficult aspects of this match, for sure. 

The Verdict

A Taurus Sun and Sagittarius Sun relationship is a battle of extremes. Incongruent ones, at best. Tauruss abundance of earthy spirit doesn’t match particularly well with Sagittarius’ fire energy, and many frustrations will come of it. Since Taurus is the most fixed of the Earth signs, their speed is the exact opposite that that of the Sagittarius. 

Sure, they can both appreciate life’s beauty together. Maybe over a coffee. But appreciating it together over the long haul is an adventure they would have put work into to even get off the ground.

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