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When Earth Meets Water

Curious what happens when an earth sign and a water sign meet? It’s a deep contrast, but one that often works – one is down-to-earth and reasonable and the other one is thick with passion and enigma. Yet go a bit further and you’ll find a magnetic relationship that works surprisingly well.

Quick Facts:

  • Aspect Between Them: Opposite – they sit across each other on the zodiac wheel.
  • Elemental Compatibility: Earth (Taurus) meets Water (Scorpio)
  • Modal Compatibility: Fixed. Meaning? Both are tenacious, but no one budges easily.

Taurus Sun Personality 

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, are sensible and reliable people who yearn for comfort and security. They prefer to live their life in a rational way, and they seldom rush into decisions or actions without having considered all the sides of their actions carefully. 

These folks don’t like to be uncomfortable. They don’t just want financial comfort, or comfort through the things they own. They also want to be comfortable through small enjoyments like good music, good food, and a peaceful environment. A Taurus will tell you plainly that their home is their refuge. They come home for peace and quiet, and they prefer that it stay that way. That’s one of the reasons they don’t like drama in their love lives. Their lifestyle is very sensual and made to satisfy all five senses. Taureans are very loyal, and they prize long-term relationships as well as firm commitments, rather than passing romances and light affairs. 

Scorpio Sun Personality 

Of all the signs, Scorpios are famous for being the most passionate and mysterious. That’s probably because the other signs all have a healthy fear of them. Mars, the planet of action and war, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth both rule Scorpio. This means that Scorpio is ruled by two planets. It flavours their personality with a unique intensity and depth. Many people find Scorpios to have a magnetic appeal. 

Scorpios are famous for the immense emotional depth as well as their remarkable gift in picking up the undercurrents of life. Due to their insightful character they can go through veils and reach the heart of the matter, therefore are excellent in character assessment. They are very loyal to their loved ones, and just as protective of themselves, if not more. The standard Scorpio will seem like a riddle, and an aura of mystery covers them that only a few lucky people get to peek under. 

In a relationship, Scorpio wants a soul-stirring connection is deeper than the common and ordinary kind of love. They need relationships to be of an intense, transformative nature, ones in which they are challenged and can develop themselves. Their ardent nature means they love a lot, but are also very jealous and possessive. The love of a Scorpio is not for the weak-hearted. They are attracted to power because they are powerful themselves. Their partners need to be ready and willing to go down to the underworld with them once in a while so they feel emotionally satisfied. 

Scorpios are also successful in jobs which need concentration, character, and an investigative mind. They do well in occupations that will allow them to explore the unknown and unearth the truths hidden, so they make good detectives, researchers, and therapists. Because they are determined and have the energy and impulse to back it up, they are generally successful individuals in whatever areas of life they to operate. 

What all this means is that Scorpios are complex. They have both the passion and the stamina that so many relationship lose along the way. What’s more, they can go the distance. They are perfectly content and actually prefer to direct their attention to one person exclusively. 

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility 

Taurus and Scorpio create an intimate and interesting dance together. Taurus is a sensual creature. They need physical touch and affection in the way a cat needs to have its head gently stroked throughout the day. As with any good Earth sign, a Taurus appreciates the good life and likes flirting, foreplay and anything that draws out intimacy and lets them enjoy it for longer. Scorpio is quick and intense. A Scorpio would prefer that sex always feels transformative and powerful. Even if intimacy cools down, as it normally does, a Scorpio will continue bringing intensity to the bedroom. The Scorpio’s loyalty to their other half means they have no problem continuing to be happily intimate with the same person for a long time. The water element of Scorpio makes them crave a bond that is more than physical, something that touches their soul.

Everything considered, the combination of these two signs is all about great chemistry. Outside the bedroom, the Taurus provides the Scorpio with what he or she looks for, that is, stability and comfort. It gives them a haven to release their fiercest emotions in their intimate life. The passion which Scorpio provides to Taurus keeps Taurus entertained and curious, so the relationship is kept alive. Their sexual affair is fed and made stronger by their mutual trust and emotional bond. Their sex life is constructed on their faithfulness and mutual admiration. The freedom this gives them means both partners can relax and be themselves when they are together. Then they can enjoy bringing pleasure to each other, and that helps to make their relationship more stable and strong. 

Trust and Values 

Trust is a linchpin in a Taurus-Scorpio union. Without loyalty and commitment, neither sign feels good in love. This is the way they both prefer to build a solid ground for trust. But real trust is not built instantly. Both have to be patient enough to get to the level of depth and trust they both want. 

Sometimes a Scorpio will keep some secrets to protect themselves, and Taurus needs to understand this. To maintain a healthy union, both signs need to work on a compromise; Taurus should trust Scorpio’s need for quiet time and privacy and Scorpio has to learn to be more open with Taurus. 

To a Scorpio, loyalty is incredibly important. In fact, both signs require loyalty, security, and commitment to feel relaxed in a romantic relationship. These values are critical to them feeling safe. Taurus is the sign that needs the most stability and predictability. A Taurus also values traditions and enjoys taking part in practices that honour tradition. Scorpio, apart from security, likes to have depth and transformation in their relationships. A Scorpio also values emotional progress. The tend to manufacture it through soul-searching incidents. A Taurus will need to look the other way at times and be patient when the Scorpio creates a little drama to keep themselves feeling alive. Even with some differences between their core values, their common view of faithfulness and dedication brings them closer together and smooths out these differences. 

Communication & Intellect 

The communication of Taurus and Scorpio is both an advantage and a problem. Taurus is usually frank and pragmatic and they prefer straight-to-the-point communication. Taurus prefers truth and honesty. He speaks clearly and directly because it brings him comfort. A Taurus will say things as they are, free of any convoluted or hidden meaning. But this is not enough for Scorpio. Because the Scorpio is used to using subtleties and emotional nuances, they expect that others will do the same. A Scorpio uses body language, tone of voice, and other cues to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Thus, the Scorpio is always trying to dig at the hidden meaning underneath things. This can be frustrating for both of them, because the Taurus has nothing hiding underneath their words. 

Taurus can at times find Scorpio’s indirect communication style to be confusing or even annoying. Scorpio’s cryptic messages and changing emotions can be confusing for the Taurus. But with understanding and a bit of effort, Taurus can start to understand their Scorpio’s way of communicating. As long as they learn to read between the lines and see the emotional depth behind Scorpio’s words, they will understand more and more of what hides underneath Scorpio’s outer shell. Sure, it might take tolerance and a willingness to join Scorpio in their world of emotions, but it’s well worth it. 

Mentally, Taurus and Scorpio can be a good match. Taurus offers down to earth and practical awarenesses, usually having to do with concrete outcomes and workable tasks. Their pragmatism brings conversations down to reality. Scorpio gives deep and healing visions, usually looking at the psychological and emotional aspects of things. The intensity they create together can make for a lot of long and interesting conversations about the mysteries of life and the universe. 

They can talk about a lot of things in which they can agree or disagree with each other. Topics for such discussion vary greatly and can include a lot of different subjects, starting from personal growth and healing through philosophical disputes and strategic development. Taurus’ practicality and Scorpio’s depth make this a harmonious relationship. Together their communication is both emotional and intellectual. It brings them closer and helps them to keep growing in the same direction. 

Emotional Compatibility 

Psycho-emotionally, Taurus and Scorpio must deal with a rather complicated but satisfying field. Taurus being steady and calm makes a Scorpio feel secure, safe, and thereby, stable. The reliability of Scorpio is an anchor to Scorpio, who usually likes to be lost in the waves of their own intense emotions. In turn, Scorpio brings Taurus into their emotional world, helping them to explore feelings they would have otherwise ignored. The wonderful talent of Scorpio to feel the hidden current of any situation prompts Taurus to step out of what they’re used to, and thus life is experienced in a much deeper and richer way. 

Although Taurus comes at emotions with a practicality and a sense of control, appreciating the predictability and the routine, Scorpio delves into the emotional depth wanting to transform and understand not only himself but his relationships too. This can cause conflicts as well as bring progress. Maybe both on the same day, if they’re lucky. The practical Taurus can be overwhelmed by the intensity of Scorpio at times. Heck, even Scorpio has a hard time keeping afloat of their own emotional turmoil. Scorpio might think Taurus’s pragmatism is too simplistic or detached. Yet, oddly, these attitudes toward feelings can also blend together perfectly. It’s why these two signs work together so well. 

In order for their emotional compatibility to thrive, Taurus must get used to the intensity of Scorpio’s emotions, understanding that the depth of Scorpio’s feelings is an essential part of his or her nature. However, Scorpio should value the Taurus down to earth and calm perception of emotions, knowing that this stability might become a refuge during waves of emotional distress. By being tolerant of one another and ready to comprehend their distinctiveness, Taurus and Scorpio will cultivate a very satisfying emotional connection that will be beneficial for both of them. 

Shared Interests 

Commonalities can unite the Taurus and Scorpio couple. Taurus likes activities that involve the senses; they enjoy cooking a good meal, growing a beautiful vegetable gardens, and being out in the beauty of nature. They like satisfying and pleasing tactile and sensory activities. Scorpio is probably attracted by more intense activities that involve their mind. These can be meaningful conversations, investigating unsolved mysteries, and participating in psychological or spiritual activities that test their intelligence and emotional depth. As long as the Taurus is cooking, who says they can’t have profound conversations at the same time? 

Even though Taurus and Scorpio have contrasting hobbies, they can bond in things that provide for a deeper level of getting to know each other. Be it shared love for music–which is known to bring back memories and evoke strong emotions–an enthusiasm for travelling to new and exciting places, or a common interest in personal growth and development, in all these ways the couples’ activities bind them together. Participating in activities together will only bring them closer to each other. It also makes great memories they can share with their grandchildren. Because of all the sign combinations, this is a par that can end up together four decades later. If they respect each other, Taurus and Scorpio couple can build a relationship that has both diversity and commonality. 

In Summary 

The harmony between Taurus Sun and Scorpio Sun is clear. Although they are considered to be opposites, those differences actually generate a magnetic and transforming link. Taurus is the stability that covers the world of practicality and provides the solid base for for Scorpio, whereas Scorpio is the passion that brings Taurus into the emotional and mental horizons. 

For a Taurus and Scorpio relationship to prosper both partners have to be open to understanding and valuing the peculiar features of each other. They can build a harmonious and fulfilling alliance of two very different but at the same time very alike people.

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