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The Pillar of Strength and Sensuality

Taurus, the Bull, is a chill and mostly quiet mix of reliability and earthy sensuality. If you were born between  April 20th and May 20th, you Sun sign is Taurus, and you will likely possess many of the traits of Typical Taureans. Whether you’re learning more about yourself, or a special Taurus in your life, let’s get into it. 

Taurus belongs to the group of Earth signs and, as such, their personalities are based on practicality and stability. Taurus people are governed by the planet Venus which is associated with love and beauty, so they tend to have an air of elegance and love luxury. If they settle on a goal they want to achieve, they approach it with hard work and persistence. They use their creative force and juice to collect material comfort and pleasure. 

Key Facts

  • Dates: April 20 – May 20
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Element: Earth
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Stone: Emerald
  • Color: Green
  • Body Part It Rules: Neck and Throat

The Taurus Personality

Best Known For: Being reliable, patient, and enjoying the finer things in life

Taurus Strengths: Dependable, Sensual, Practical, Stubborn, Loyal

Taurus Weaknesses: Hesitant, stubborn, overly materialistic, possessive

Main Personality Traits 

Self-determination is one of the more prominent features of the Taurus character. If they set their mind on something, you won’t easily turn them back. Neither will they give up easily. Once they commit to something, they tend to be unmovable, sometimes because it’s taken them so much effort to make the decision in the first place. They just don’t like to change course. They don’t do well with changes, which means they decide what to do slowly, and once they settle on it, you better get out of their way. Social pressure doesn’t affect them very much, instead choosing to make decisions based on their own internal code. This makes them very dependable in friendship and relationships as they do not toy around with the idea of commitment. They either commit or they don’t. 

However, this determination at times can be as close to stubbornness as it can get. This is very irritating when a Taurus needs to adapt to change. However, the same characteristic makes them stable and constant, providing a sense of order to their own world and anyone who comes into it. 

Of course, a Taurus’s aesthetic sensibility is not confined to the external kind – though they do love to look good. They appreciate beauty and the aesthetics of people and things – colors and tones, or the sensuous feel of good quality clothes. This Venusian influence means they have a good eye for art. They also have a great desire to have order and calm around them. Security is a key factor to a Taurus, and they will do everything possible to achieve this by creating comfort both emotionally and physically. 

Greatest Challenges 

Like every sign of the zodiac, Taurus comes with its own set of difficulties. The greatest challenge a Taurus will encounter is their own resistance to change. Their instinct is to remain constant and avoid changes, even if the changes seem beneficial. They can miss a lot of opportunities in this way, both in their careers and in their love lives.

Then there is the Taurus materialism which is often misunderstood. A Taurus collects material objects and comforts not necessarily because it makes him feel rich or better than anyone else. He does it because he is connected to the physical, to the material plane. It’s where he genuinely feels the most comfort. Material things are what comfort and success feel like for a Taurus. Though only focusing on on physical pleasure and collecting objects of value comes with its own problems. It can lead Taurus to neglect other parts of his life. It also puts him in a vulnerable position if he can’t, for some reason, meet his own demands for material security. A Taurus who can’t provide for himself or his family materially will feel unworthy and unfulfilled. 

Love and Sex Compatibility 

A Taurus in love will be loyal, dependable, and sensual. You won’t get the hot and cold treatment. Taurus is not impulsive and passionate in the way an Aries would be, but he will put a lot of effort into making his partner happy. Taureans take their time to solidify love and are a bit reserved and cautious. They’d rather be sure that they are ready before they fully commit. People who need instant gratification in love or are looking for a professional love-bomber won’t have the patience to wait for Taurus’ unfolding in love. Their love is earned and develops over time. 

Taurus is likely to be devoted and faithful as a partner. He is loyal and looking for the same in a partner. The excitement and ‘new’ love level doesn’t have to be super high to please a Taurus lover, because he appreciates routine and consistency. His physical affection is simple and straightforward. To show love,  Taurus will prepare a meal, spend time at home together, or buy you a gift. Therefore, for Taurus, actions are vital and more impactful than words. 

In his intimate life, Taurus is deeply sensual and dedicated, as in anything else he does. He is the kind of attentive lover who looks for cues so he can respond to his partner’s needs in bed. Taurus loves touch and has a strong and steady desire for sex. His sexuality is slow but steady, and his head and heart is in the moment, not drifting off in fantasies. 

However, Taurus’ need for stability can sometimes cause him to be possessive of his partner. One of the hardest attributes of Taurus is that he hates change and loss and may stay in a relationship he does not like just to avoid change. 

Career and Financial Success 

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are most certainly hardworking and can easily be relied on when it comes to their jobs. They are happier in jobs or careers where they can use their practical abilities and have some measure of security. Taurus especially likes to know that there is a clear ladder that gets them from point A to B in their careers. They don’t want to guess how to get a promotion. They just want to know the exact steps they need to follow to get there. 

Tauru is also well-suited to careers that need him to be patient, detail-oriented, and systematic. He does well in finance, real estate, art, and even design. 

Stability and financial freedom have to come with the job, for Taurus to sign on. He is willing to put in the time to gather savings and invest in his future. Taurus uses money pragmatically and saves for the future, and can squirrel a decent amount of money for their retirement. 

In some cases, Taurus can go in the other direction completely, overindulging himself and spending unnecessarily. Taurus needs to find a way to enjoy the results of his hard work, while at the same time, being financially protected. If he makes sound financial decisions and is disciplined enough to stick to these goals, he can have the best of both worlds. 

The Taurus Man 

The Taurus man is an interesting contrast between conservative and indulgent, tough and tender, and rational and hedonistic. He has a calm and measured outlook toward life that is easy to see by his lack of impulsive decision-making. There is a very purposeful approach to his actions, and this makes him a loyal friend and companion. 

This zodiac sign is very devoted and generous in relationships. Stability is very important to him in a partner, and he offers the same in exchange. For the same reason, he prefers someone who also appreciates routine and wants to lounge around the house with him after work. He doesn’t have an easy time talking about his feelings, but he will express deep love through physical touch. He will also show love through small gestures to make his partner comfortable – bringing home a small give, making the home more comfortable, anything to show his care.

The Taurus man is also known for being very sensual. He enjoys the finer things in life, like good food and the good company. He especially likes to enjoy these things with his partner. But his appreciation of beautiful things is not because he wants to show off, or because his ego depends on it. He simply likes material objects of beauty, they give him comfort.

Sometimes he becomes rigid and this may be a hindrance to change. The Taurus man is not flexible and likes to keep to his usual routines. He needs a partner who will help him to get out of his own way sometimes and explore his surroundings.

The Taurus Woman 

The Taurus woman is feminine strength personified in its most graceful form. She is down-to-earth, realistic, and sensual, and she has a very strong sense of tangible reality. She is wise and sensible and doesn’t let herself be influenced easily by trends. She is a strong and dependable figure to her friends and family, who know that they can lean on her when they need her.

The female Taurus is especially caring and faithful in relationships. To communicate, she wants a man who will be consistent in speaking with her and is willing to work on the foundation of their relationship. She easily shows affection by doing kind and caring things and spending quality time with her beloved, making him feel protected and safe. 

Sensuality is one of the significant characteristics that can be attributed to a Taurus woman. She is fascinated with the aesthetics of life and likes things that appeal to her senses. This can be cooking a good meal, making a comfortable home, or pampering herself in little ways.

Taurus women can be stubborn and headstrong. She may have difficulty surrendering control or changing for the better. If her lover listens carefully and has patience, she will learn to express herself through words, not just physical affection.

In Mythology 

In Greek mythology, Taurus was associated with Zeus and Europa. In the Taurus myth, Zeus assumed the form of a large white bull to abduct Europa, a Phoenician princess. Europa was fascinated by the magnificent and docile appearance of the bull, and she mounted it; the bull then ran with her to the sea and took her across the water to Crete. There, Zeus turned himself into a bull, abducted Europa, and took her to Crete, and she became its queen. This myth shows the duality of Taurus’s nature, half strength and half beauty, half power and half gentleness. 

In astrology, the bull signifies not only the force of physical might but also the bond of the earth and its rhythms. The spring season itself is associated with growth, and Taurus is a sign that signifies fertility and growth. This kind of connection to the natural world is reflected in the Taurus’s love for beauty, comfort, and the senses. 

In Essence 

Taurus is strength and sensitivity, reason and sensuality, logic and lust, discipline and desire. The Taurus path is a slow and steady climb up the ladder, with a steadfast sense of duty and responsibility and a deep love for the sensory, tactile world. 

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