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Passion and Power: Fire Signs in Action

Let’s first understand what the “Fire” element stands for, before we start getting into the characteristics of the signs that fall under this umbrella. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are usually known as the passion and the creative force of the zodiac. Though that’s not all they are. These three signs are pure energy and vitality. They represent the impulse of creation, of movement, and strength.

Consider them as the heat and lightning in a storm. They can be as damaging as they are innovative because of their impulsiveness and strength. But how does it affect their lives, and what does it mean for their relationships, careers, and families?

Fire Sign Quick Reference Guide:

  • Element: Fire
  • Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Key Traits: Passionate, Energetic, Bold, Creative, Adventurous
  • Compatible Elements:
    • Best Compatibility: Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
    • Good Compatibility: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
    • Mixed Compatibility: Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Famous Fire Signs:
    • Aries: Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr.
    • Leo: Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama
    • Sagittarius: Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt
  • Symbol Imagery:
    • Aries: The Ram
    • Leo: The Lion
    • Sagittarius: The Archer

Signs Under the Element


Think of a seed of an idea, the purity of which comes from its passion and you’ll have a basic understanding of Aries. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, are the ideas that are still in their embryonic stage, still in the realm of dreams and fantasies. Aries are assertive, uninhibited, and convincing. They rush toward their objectives without giving much thought to how they’ll get there, or to the consequences.


Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac. They are sure of themselves to the point of conceitedness, charming to the point of using it to control, and kind to the point of worship. They are the joy of every social occasion, the scriptwriters of life’s romantic dramas, and the most melodramatic characters in Spanish soaps.


Sagittarius is pure restlessness. He is at the philosophical and instinctive frontier of the universe; he is curious, inquisitive, and impulsive. Sagittarius is the flame that boils the scholars’ pots, the thirst for amassing knowledge, and the laughter that finds fun in every silly joke.

In Real Life:

What is it like to be a Fire sign in life? Well, fasten your seat belts; it’s a bit like being a human tornado. Fire signs do not tolerate inactivity for long. They love change and activity, even when it’s not always good for them.

In the case of the Aries, this can turn into volatile jobs or careers, the fleeting passions of romance, and a burning need to be ahead of everyone else. Even when it’s not a good idea. Even when it doesn’t work in your best interest.

Leos are passionate people and they throw their passion into whatever they love. That corner office? They will grandiosely claim it as their righteous throne, burning up their good relations with their coworkers in the process. Leos need to shine. They have the power of the Sun behind them, and they go through life with dignity and the desire for attention as if it were an invisible velvet trench coat.

Sagittarius revels in attention as well, but they are also concerned with broadening their horizons, mentally and physically. They don’t like to be in the same place for long, whether it’s their apartment or a relationship that’s lost its glow. Light-hearted and non-committal, they saunter through life collecting experiences like they are pieces of art to add to their collection.

Tips for Balance:

How to avoid getting burned by the Fire you have burning within. Yes, it is true that being an inferno of personality is not necessarily bad. But how can you, insatiable Fire sign, stop yourself from going up in smoke? Your challenge is to use life’s various experiences as your fuel, but without losing sight of the track you’re on.

Aries – Shielding the Flame

Aries is the least refined and the most impulsive of the Fire triad, and she has to understand the virtues of waiting. When every road looks like a journey, often the most the most powerful move is to stay on course. Use that incredible energy and impulse that’s burning inside you, but temper it with research and discernment. Not all ideas that look good on the first pass turn out well. Learn to tell the difference.

Leos – A Reflector to the Flame

Leos are attention lovers and there is nothing wrong with that until people around them start to turn away. One way that Leo can find harmony is to take that fire energy and turn it around, to become the light that others can look to and be uplifted by, instead of being drained by their need for recognition. Instead of sucking up all the attention and praise, use it to be better and wiser for your community and friends. Otherwise, your throne will be a lonely place.

Sagittarius – Igniting the Flame Within

The Sagittarian restlessness is something that can be worked on, and maybe even avoided, if you are mindful enough. Look for the thrills of life, but do not shy away from the soft and predictable comforts. It’s in those moments that your fire can relax and be a warm glow, rather than a burning ember. Sometimes, do not rush to do something, but instead, sit and wait, and in that moment of waiting, you can recharge your fiery core.

Compatibility with Other Elements:

How does the Fire element interact with the other elements of the zodiac?

All three of the Fire elements have Masculine energy. Fire extinguishes Water, the soft feminine energy of life and creation. The very nature of Fire signs is to burn through Feminine energy, at the expense of being disconnected from that soft and nurturing energy themselves. A large part of their lesson in life, and especially in love, is to understand that without balancing their masculine impulses with their hard to access emotional needs, love will always feel lacking.

Here is a breakdown of the Fire element and how it relates to the other elements when they are either igniting the passion of a great love, or burning up in a love gone bad.

Fire and Air: The Whirlwind Romance

When Fire joins forces with Air, the result is a perfect synergy of ideas and movements. There is a great mental compatibility and the occasional desire for an impromptu date may result in a whirlwind of social plans. But look out, for when the winds shift, Air can take off into the winds and thae Fire could be left on his own.

Fire and Earth: The Steady Bonfire

Here we have Fire and Earth element compatibility – a stable and protective Earth element houses the Fire. Of course, Earth can sometimes extinguish that fire with a stiff grounding of reality, but it is also the element that lays down the groundwork for that fire. Together, they set up a comforting warmth that won’t fade out into the night.


This is the most complicated relationship. In its simplest form, Water wants to extinguish Fire and on the other hand, Fire wants to boil Water. It’s a push-and-pull dynamic of high chemistry and the likelihood of either deep affection or a complete disaster. Both sides will have to change for this union, if it exists at all, to have the potential for lasting love.

In Essence

Are you attracted to the Fire element like a helpless moth to the flame?

The Fire signs in your life are there to make life vivid, to bring the Sun’s warmth and power to human interaction and relationships. Whether you are a Fire sign trying to figure out the best way to tune in to your best frequency, or someone observing your Fire friends and having trouble understanding – remember, astrology can help us shine a light. But as with any map, it’s the path we decide to take that determines where we end up.

The most growth happens for Fire signs when they remember that taking a passive approach is exactly what they need to keep their reactions cool and in control. People with a lot of Fire in their natal charts forget this. Awareness of the feelings of others and compassion need to be a life-long lesson for these signs.

Learn more about the other aspects in our Element Series. Find out about the practical and stable Earth signs, the airy and intelligent Air signs, and the Water ones with their deep feeling.

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